Postpartum Belly Wrap: Day 1

My amazing doula (Brenna at Forget-Me-Not Doulas) has started doing Postpartum Belly Wraps! I love that she’s doing these because they are so beneficial and I jumped at the chance to have one after I gave birth to my daughter. Brenna makes the wraps herself, prefrays and washes them to minimize shrinking and prolong their life. For a little extra, she will custom dye them. She did mine in a gorgeous kelly green and added a mother and child Celtic knot. Last night she showed me how to tie it on and it’s so simple to do yourself. She even gives you a slip cover so that you can use oils and creams. I’m really excited to document my experience with this wrap!

Here are the benefits to this type of wrap straight from Brenna’s brochure:

  • Provides constant support to the abdomen, ribcage and hips
  • Supports the healing of diastasis recti (separated abdominal muscles in pregnancy)
  • Helps speed up the process of uterine involution after delivery
  • Reminds wearer to maintain good posture and avoid the “nursing slouch”
  • Reduces the feeling of “jelly belly” or “empty shell” while organs return to their natural places after delivery

You can wear the wrap after a vaginal delivery or a cesarean, you just may have to wait longer after a c-section. So on to my journey with this delightful wrap!

As every momma knows, after baby, you tend to look like you’re 6 months pregnant. Personally, it drops my confidence a little bit when I’m out in public which is why I love this wrap. Here is my belly before the wrap:

IMG_1080 IMG_1082

I’m using Arbonne’s firming cream. It’s all natural and safe for breast feeding mommas (I only suggest that you wash your hands after applying since you don’t want your newborn’s skin firming up, obvs).


Here’s the light flannel cover you tie on before you wrap. You can also do the wrap over a light tank top. (Sorry this is a bit blurry.)


IMG_1084 IMG_1085


I couldn’t get the wrap on as tight as Brenna did but considering it was my first time, I think I did fairly well!

IMG_1086 IMG_1088

You’ll notice that I started the wrap at the top of my hips since I do a lot of sitting during the day. With the wrap on, it’s much more difficult to slouch in the chair while nursing. It may not look like it in the photos because I’m not that awesome at tying this on myself (yet) but it does cut off some inches on my stomach. It doesn’t cause me to overheat at all and it’s easy to breathe deeply with it on. It’s possible that I’ll experience an increase in bleeding, since this helps flush out postpartum bleeding. Will keep you guys posted on progress. Possibly not every single day, but at least every week or with each development.


Welcome to the world, Alli Mae!

Sorry it’s taken so long to write about our birth experience with our daughter. I’m sure most of you mommas understand that a toddler and a newborn usually add up to having your hands very full. Plus, it seems that our experience may just be pretty unbelievable!

On April Fools Day (the day I was so very hoping Allison would choose to be born), I went in for my doctor’s appointment at 10 to get my membranes scraped. After a few good scrapes, the doctor looked at me wide eyed and informed me that he thought I should make my way down to Labor and Delivery because he was fairly sure he had just torn a hole in my water sac. When I asked how low my daughter was (what station), the doc actually couldn’t tell me. Apparently, when he tore the sac, Allison slipped right down to plug it and created a bubble of fluid above her head. (This will come up later.) Not going to lie, I squealed! And then the next thing to go through my head as I was getting dressed was “Who do I need to text first?” Of course I needed to tell my husband for obvious reasons, but I also needed to tell my mom so she could come watch our 2-year old son and I also needed to tell my doula because I needed her at the hospital to help me when my contractions started getting rough.

Sidenote: If you’ve followed along since I had my son then you know that I labor very quickly.

I decided to group text… which honestly drives me crazy and comes across as just plain annoying. Luckily everything worked out and everyone made it there (myself included). I was set up in triage and hooked up to all of the machines to have my contractions monitored. It was a good thing I had been having steady contractions for several weeks by then so I was good and annoyed used to them. It seems as though it really didn’t matter whether or not I was leaking fluids because my contractions were coming every 4 minutes by then (at least that’s what I overheard the nurse saying) so they moved me to a delivery room. Just want to throw out there that this hospital is currently under construction and since things were progressing so quickly for me, we didn’t have time to wait for a new room to be cleaned. Oh no… we had to labor in a delivery room that heard every drill and hammer and compressor. It was… unpleasant to say the least.

Things definitely ramped up very quickly. I swear, if I had not had my doula to help myself and my husband through this, I don’t think I would have been able to do it without medication. Brenna, from Forget-Me-Not Doulas, suggested acupressure on my hips with each contraction and that was all I needed! I labored on a yoga ball while either my husband or Brenna pressed in on my hips and wow. The contractions still hurt but they never went over the peak that I couldn’t handle.

I know this is going to sound really weird, but I really enjoyed this whole experience. Not because each contraction got me closer to seeing my daughter. I tried to see it that way but that just made me impatient and I think if I had kept focusing on that I would have asked for the epidural. I don’t know why but the highly enjoyable part was appreciating the beauty of the human body and what we are capable of! It’s just amazing to know that my body knew what needed to happen and knew the pace it needed and was going to do it with or without my mind being in the right place. I decided to be taken along the ride and just appreciate every minute of it. That’s why I was able to laugh down every contraction because my body was doing exactly what it was made to do! And I was just amazed by motherhood.

When my body felt the need to push, I was so unbelievably frustrated that I was only at 9 cm! The next contraction took me to 9.5 cm but I knew if I had to sit through too many more contractions that I wasn’t going to take the pain well. I wanted to hold my daughter dammit! Luckily the doctor let me do small pushes with the next contraction to melt away the last centimeter. Small pushes are not easy when all you want is to get that baby out! One small push, breathe in, breathe out and tell my daughter to move down, move down, the top melted away. Another small push, the side melted away. Another small push and we were finally at 10 cm! If I could have moved, I would have hugged my doctor! I must say, the thing that got me through this very painful experience was being able to sort of zen out and just hold on to Brenna’s voice. She was so incredibly soothing and new exactly what to tell me and gave me easy to follow instructions. She doesn’t know this (yet) but the best advice she gave me was to relax my face. That completely removed my pain.

I’m sort of stalling on telling you the rest of the story because I’ve heard from a couple women that I really shouldn’t tell too many people about this… it only took 2 pushes to evacuate my daughter. Yes, 2 pushes and a huge splash because Allison was no longer plugging the water sac. Right after the sploosh, my gasping and serene daughter was on my chest and my adorable husband looked like our son around construction trucks all wide eyed when he exclaimed “You did it!” While I snuggled my gooey little child, the doctors kept checking me over and whispering to each other. I assumed I had torn so terribly that they didn’t know where to start stitching. My husband was worried something else had gone wrong, which is why he asked them if everything was all right. I guess there were no tears, but my cervix had swollen so much that they thought my uterus might have flipped inside out. But everything seemed to be where it needed to be, just incredibly swollen.

Alli nursed immediately like a champ and when our son finally made it to the room with Nana he was completely in love with her. He even scolded a nurse when she tried to take her from me to check her vitals. (To which everyone in the room just laughed and laughed.) Our little family was released the next evening and we have been doing so well since we got home! Every morning, our son rushes to Alli’s bed to see her and tell her good morning and Alli lets mom and dad sleep for 4 hour stretches in the night. I couldn’t have asked for a better delivery and I am so blessed by my family! This house is full of love.


angel, baby

Mommas, Hug Your Babies Part 2

I had a friend ask me if I had possibly lost my daughter because I haven’t been posting about this pregnancy as much as my first. I told her that I was just more aware of online privacy now and really felt like protecting my unborn little lady and that’s true. But there is also a bigger reason why I haven’t been posting about my journey with Allison: little Leilah Jubilee.

At 20 weeks, a friend of mine was told her daughter had anencephaly. Anencephaly is the absence of a major portion of the brain, skull and scalp. My friend and her husband chose to carry their daughter to term and pray for a miracle of healing. She also started a blog to chronicle her journey to Leilah. Following their journey almost made me feel selfish to post about my healthy baby girl. It just didn’t seem fair to revel in our blessings when a friend was going through such a difficult time. But I have to say, through those 20 weeks I have been so incredibly in awe of this strong and faithful woman and I feel incredibly blessed to know her. She showed strength, she allowed herself to be weak, and she never shied away from sharing what she truly felt. According to her, their hearts hurt for their baby girl but they knew that God had a hand in what was happening with them and they were choosing to put their faith in Him.

I’ve never made my faith a well known thing on the internet. Mostly because I don’t ever want to be seen as a “Bible Thumper.” My beliefs are mine and mine alone and the last thing I want to do is force them on someone. I don’t think forcing belief systems on someone is how God intended for it to work. I may not agree with everything that everyone else does in their lives, but I do believe that we were each given free will to choose what is best for ourselves. So I suppose this is my “coming out” post and I really hope what I’m about to say doesn’t make you uneasy because I feel like this little girl’s journey needs to be shared!

My friend, this amazing momma, completely changed my life. Up to this point, I have known that God could perform miracles. I have seen God do some pretty amazing things in my life. But I have also been disappointed by God and I have heard people insist God told them something would happen and then it never happened. When my uncle died, so many people told my aunt that God had put the story of Lazarus on their hearts. It wasn’t long before everyone insisted that God was going to raise my uncle from the dead at his funeral. I remember as a kid trying not to blink because I didn’t want to miss the moment that my uncle jumped out of his coffin. But he never did. His funeral procession drove to the graveyard and we placed him in the ground and I was so devastated. Hadn’t God told all of these people that He would raise my uncle from the dead? From that point, I really didn’t want to experience the same disappointment. I love my relationship with God, but I allowed this disappointment to change my faith. I had become a Doubting Thomas without even knowing it. As I prayed for Leilah in the weeks leading up to her delivery, I knew that God could heal her I just didn’t know if He would heal her. I continued to pray this way until I saw this post by my friend:

This is Aubrey.
I have been meaning to write since last Thursday, or at least from this weekend. I have so much to say and feel so overwhelmed with love and support that my heart is actually on the verge of shut down. The amount of encouragement and prayers from hundreds and HUNDREDS of people from all over the world has been remarkable. The Corporate prayer and fasting event last Thursday & Friday had an amazing turnout from friends, family, friends of friends in different states, strangers. People fasted that had never fasted, people prayed that don’t normally pray. One new Christian told Nick he fasted from coffee those two days. I’m pretty sure that counts for double points in heaven Anyways, the response for Leilah has been more than incredible- I can’t THANK YOU ENOUGH.

This journey has been so covered with His grace and we have the body of Christ to thank. Prayers avail much. A couple times people have used the illustration of Moses in Exodus 17, he was unable to keep his arms raised during the battle so Aaron and Hur gave him a rock to sit on and they held his arms until victory was reached. We knew at the beginning of this that we would need all the prayer and support we could get. We certainly didn’t expect this much though. I want to honor each and everyone for the courage it takes to pray, to believe, to hope…it hasn’t been for the faint of heart. Faith is spelled R I S K. You’ve risked your heart, your faith in this. SO please hear my heart, thank you!

At the beginning of this when we were first diagnosed in September I wasn’t praying for healing. I was praying to survive. To make it until February alive with a marriage and a faith still intact. Someone told me they were praying for her healing and I wept and said I can’t, if I do and she doesn’t live I wouldn’t survive the disappointment. You see unbelief was the safer choice because it takes no risk but it almost always gets what it expects. I expected Him to fail me. It wasn’t until Bobby Connor laid hands on my tummy that I had even the slightest bit of hope to think healing was a possibility. That God encounter instilled courage in my heart to hope. Now looking back at the last 5 months that has been the theme, Courage to Hope.

It has challenged my understanding of God. How big do I think He is? Do I really believe that nothing is impossible for Him? I know He created the heavens and the earth but do I think He could craft her skull? I sing songs about His greatness and splendor but deep in my heart the things I secretly hope for speak the loudest about who I really think He is and what He is capable of. By not hoping I was saying no God, I think anencephaly is bigger than you; I don’t think you can be trusted with my heart, my hope, the aftermath…
So it’s been a choice to hope, to risk it all, to be unsafe, to believe what the Bible says- that His arm is not too short and that He is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.

I don’t want to go to heaven and see all that could have been if only I had asked or dared to hope for more. We have not because we ask not. So I ask. I ask this ridiculous question. God would you do a miracle in Leilah. As medically impossible as it seems- she’s missing most of her head for goodness sakes but I know that it’s not a hard thing for Him to do.

I don’t know what the answer will be. I saw so many healings and miracles this past weekend I’m still reeling – I can’t deny His power, and I choose to trust His heart.

Friend, family, strangers that have come along on this journey… My heart is that in the very least praying for Leilah will start a ripple of hope in your heart and that it would end in a tidal wave of possibilities. Maybe you have a broken relationship, sickness or financial difficulties- whatever situation you’re struggling with that seems impossible- I pray that you are filled with divine courage to hope. To believe that when we partner with the Almighty anything is possible. That we honor Him with our prayers and dreams that are beyond us. That we walk courageously in all that was attained at the cross. That we refuse to settle on what we understand and have experienced but believe and hope in Him with reckless abandon.

Since this weekend I feel a fire burning in my heart. An excitement to see Him show up regardless of the outcome. He will not fail whether she lives or dies. When God is on our side it’s a win/win. Though loss will hurt I know the Heart of my Father and it is Good, He is always worthy of my hope.

“Bold prayers honour God, and God honours bold prayers. God isn’t offended by your biggest dreams or boldest prayers. He is offended by anything less. If you’re prayers aren’t impossible to you, they are insulting to God. Why? Because they don’t require divine intervention” Mark Batteson, The Circle Maker

“Never lose consciousness of the God that invades the impossible.” Bill Johnson

My world was completely rocked. Here is this woman going through such a difficult thing, a thing that would make me so angry with God, and not only was she asking the impossible she was remaining faithful even if the impossible didn’t happen. How could I, a simple observer of this situation, not kick my faith in the ass and expect results. I spent so much time praying and crying out to God for this little girl, for her mom, her dad, and her big brother. And I wasn’t the only one!

On the day my friend was scheduled to be induced, myself and a few women in my office waited with bated breath. When I prayed “heal Leilah, Lord” all I could hear back was “Watch! Watch what the Lord can do.” I think the worst thing so many Christians do at this point is they interpret these sort of things to mean whatever they want it to mean. I didn’t know if God had healed this little girl and I certainly wasn’t going to proclaim that God had told me she was. He had told me to watch and that was what I was going to do. I refreshed her Facebook every time I got a chance. Her champion mother was in labor for so long, endured so much pain and Leilah finally came into the world February 11th. She was 6lb 13oz 19.5in and yes, she still had anencephaly. My heart did not feel disappointment like I expected because I was so busy watching for what God had done here. Hours passed and this little girl was still with us. Hundreds have flocked to the Facebook page to watch the lifespan of little Leilah and every single one has been touched by everything going on around her. I have felt peace, anguish, and everything in between with every update we receive. I cannot remember the last time I cried myself to sleep this often. She has now lived longer than anyone expected and I continue to pray for God to put her missing pieces together, to complete this little miracle.

I remember, when I was holding my newborn son, someone told me that children are angels that God just loans to us. I remember feeling so selfish and hating thinking that he had only been loaned to me. After a week, I couldn’t get enough of him. I couldn’t hold him tightly enough, I couldn’t inhale his scent enough, and I couldn’t soak in his presence enough. I wanted more than a lifetime with him; I wanted a million lifetimes with him. But today, I now see how this was true. Children truly are angels that are loaned to us but they belong to God in the end. Somehow, this now brings me peace because I know that once they leave here, they are in His hands.

After over 60 hours, Leilah is still with us but she is now medically failing and her family has said goodbye so many times that I’m sure it’s exhausting. If God chooses not to heal her and instead takes little Leilah home I already know that a miracle has already happened. Actually, not just a single miracle but many have come into being because of this little girl and her family’s faith. This family had a chance to not get any time with Leilah and yet they’ve had days with her! That in itself is a huge miracle. On top of that, every mom I know that has watched this journey has told me they have held their babies tighter and have enjoyed every moment with them, including the difficult and mundane ones. We have become grateful for things that may have been missed by us before. Many have had their faith healed and changed through this, myself included. 1,672 (and climbing) people are now following the Facebook page for updates on Leilah and most of them have prayed more fervently than ever before, some even for the first time.

I will be sad if Leilah passes because God chose not to heal her, I will mourn for her and my friend, but I won’t be disappointed in God. In just 60 hours, God has used this little angel to do so much in so many believers and non-believers alike. Because of her, my eyes have been opened to realize how small and how fragile I had allowed my faith to become. Her grip on life has completely changed me and I hope she changes you as well. If getting to know her and her family gets you to hug your kids a little tighter, then she truly is a miracle. If her struggle gets you to count your blessings, then she truly is a miracle. If knowing her struggle leads you to giving your children a little more grace, then she truly is a miracle. No matter your faith, no matter your beliefs, I dare you to not be touched by little Leilah and her journey to this world. Mommas, hug your babies. Be grateful for the small blessings you have been given and open your eyes to everything you have in your life. I know that the life of every mother can be difficult and there may be moments that you just want to give up or scream or tear your hair out. When you feel that way, try to think of little Leilah and her family. Think of how this amazing little girl that is missing half of her head, that she has beaten so many odds and that her family has journeyed with her with grace and peace. Hold your little angels tight, even when they’re not acting so angelic and remember to be grateful that you have the opportunity to whisper in their ears how much you love them. Life is short, some shorter than others and we should make sure it doesn’t just pass us by.


Open letter to Kohl’s

Dear Kohl’s,

I am was your biggest fan. Until my recent interactions with your online store, I have sung your praises to every mom I know. You see, I’m a mom with a 20 month old and another on the way. Buying them quality clothing was difficult before I found you. In the true Valentine spirit, you completed me. This is possibly why my awful experience of late has been such a shock; I never thought our relationship would grow out of the honeymoon phase.

It all started with your emails promising 30% off. You know I love it when you send me discounts but you had a little something extra up your sleeve didn’t you? Not only were you having a great discount, you had a large selection of clearance items as well. There was absolutely no way I could say “no” to all of these savings you offered me. Thirteen items in my cart later and I had decided to call it a day. I must say, you really know how to spoil a girl!

Like a hawk, I kept a watchful eye on my shipment tracking via UPS. On Wednesday, January 22nd UPS updated the status as delivered! Oh what a wonderful day; I couldn’t wait to leave work to open all of the lovely merchandise I had purchased from you. To help pass the time, I checked UPS to see how many joyful packages I could expect at my front door. Three! Three wonderful bags of clothes for my munchkins and a little something extra for myself!

To my chagrin, only two wonderful packages lay at my doorstep. This struck me as odd but since our relationship had been so great up to this point I decided to trust you, dear Kohl’s. It just wasn’t like you to disappoint and I figured I could give you another day to prove you hadn’t lied to me. Sadly, the next day led to more confusion since the third package, which was marked as delivered, was still missing from my house. Since you and I have had such a wonderful relationship (up to this point) I called UPS first. I explained what was going on, gave them my tracking information and sat patiently while they went through their records to find out where my third package had gone. Here’s where things get really odd. The third package had been delivered to… ready for this? My billing address.

I really do apologize, Kohl’s, for never updating my billing address after I moved from there a year ago. In my defense I had been told that this really didn’t matter as long as I paid my bill. Since I’ve loved you so, I have always paid my bill on time and with a little extra on the top because you deserve it. This still struck me as odd since two of the three packages arrived at the correct location, while one did not. I called your customer service line and, after explaining everything to her, she explained to me that the address must have been entered by me. This is when I asked her this question:

If I requested that my order be shipped to my billing address, then why did two of my packages arrive at my actual house?

She placed me on hold to put in a tracking ticket and this is when my phone decided to drop the call. This was probably for the better because I truly did not want to be angry with you Kohl’s. Besides, UPS had actually offered to contact my old landlord to pick up the wrongly delivered package and I felt their wish to resolve all of this was enough for me. The next day, I decided to email your customer service. You see, I really like having everything in writing since it tends to be so helpful in relationships such as ours. Through my correspondence with your online customer service reps, I was told that records showed that I was the last one logged into my account which meant I must have been the one to enter the incorrect address. I posed the same question I had asked over the phone:

If I requested that my order be shipped to my billing address, then why did two of my packages arrive at my actual house?

Not only was this question completely ignored, the representatives continued to say I was to blame for this whole thing. Kohl’s… did I forget your birthday? Or our anniversary? Because this seems like a very passive aggressive squabble. I decided to take matters into my own hands and investigate my online account a little further. What I discovered there was a large mess! Every address in my records reflected my billing address, including past orders that had been shipped and delivered to other locations. I know that when you’re in a relationship you care about, you’ll do what you can to show the other when it must not have been your fault. I brought this new discovery to your online customer service but I was met with the same attitude: they all blamed me for this issue. While I think it’s great that you think so highly of my hacking skills, I must admit that I barely know how to “hack” my son’s LeapTop, let alone change coding on your website. Again, I posed the same question:

If I requested that my order be shipped to my billing address, then why did two of my packages arrive at my actual house?

Would you like to know how many customer service reps have answered this question? Zero. They have all ignored this. The last I heard from you (because, yes, I have been dealing with this since January 23, 2014) I was told that this was all my mistake and that was the end of this whole thing. I may be pregnant and hormonal, but quite frankly I am tired of being treated this way by representatives that have not tried in the least to resolve this problem.

Actually, that’s not true. One single representative did promise me a refund on all of the items if I would send the codes for the items. I did so immediately on January 24, 2014. I just checked my online records and I have not been refunded for a single item. FYI, there are nine items I am missing. My dear Kohl’s, I feel like our relationship may need to go on a break for a while. Especially when you have made mistakes but have blamed me every time. Especially when you refuse to answer the one question I have been asking this whole time that just proves the fault is on your end.

If I requested that my order be shipped to my billing address, then why did two of my packages arrive at my actual house?

Since you have made no effort to remedy this issue, I have called my old apartment manager. I would like to point out that this place is in a very unfavorable part of town. People sell drugs in the parking lot, teenagers with guns hanging out of their pants run through the yard, and packages are stolen when placed outside of doors. According to the manager, this package had not been brought into the office and it was possible the recipient may have sent it back. This is what I’m calling the “best case scenario” which actually means “a snowball’s chance in hell scenario.”

So where do we stand now in our relationship? Well, I have requested to know when I will be receiving my refund for the items you sent incorrectly. I have also asked the same question that I have been asking this whole time that you have avoided each time. Until I hear back from you with an actual resolution, I think I should start seeing other stores.

2 year olds

Lazy Parenting vs. Building Independence

I’m that mom, ladies and gents.

I’m the mom at the park that sits back and watches her son attempt something just a little out of reach. The mom that calmly watches her son fall down. The mom that doesn’t freak out when her son walks into something. You may think I’m lazy and that’s fine. I’m really too busy to care.

I’m too busy encouraging my son to reach just a little further so his goal isn’t out of reach. Too busy calmly encouraging my son to stand back up. Too busy encouraging my son to watch where he’s going. I’m just too busy raising an independent child that knows it’s not the end of the world if he fails the first time.

With every little bit of independence my son is given, I’ve noticed he thrives in confidence. There are times he whines at me and motions with his hands that he wants me to bring him something that he’s perfectly capable of getting himself. Even if he murmurs the most adorable “prease?” that his little toddler vocabulary can muster, he still hears “no” from mommy. I’ll admit, it’s difficult to not fold to his adorable pleading but I know that if I encourage him to stand up, take the few steps necessary to reach his momentarily coveted object, and encourage him to pick it up himself that he’ll learn a lot. He’ll learn that he’s able to do so much more than he thought a few moments earlier.

Instead of doing everything for him, like putting the cars to his Duplo train back together, I’ve taught him to do it himself. To my surprise, he’s actually started watching the things we do around the house and taught himself how to open doors, how to open a locked waterbottle, how to throw away trash when he’s done with it, and plenty of other things. He’s developed a love for learning because we’ve made it an encouraging environment for him. His love for us has reached huge heights because he knows, even if he fails at something, that his parents will encourage him to try again.

You may think I’m a lazy mom. You may wonder why I don’t rescue my son every time he falls down. You may wonder why I let him do so much on his own when I could do it much faster and better myself. But I know that I’m building his independence. I know that he’s learning to pick himself back up. I know that he’ll need this ability his entire life. I know that if he understands that each attempt he makes towards something, even if he doesn’t do it well, will help him become faster and better. I know that the lessons I teach him today will journey with him into adulthood. I know that my son has an amazing mind, strong legs and arms, and the opportunity to learn every day. And he knows that no matter what, if he fails or succeeds, that his mom will always believe in him.

So yes, I’m that mom and always will be.

2 year olds

Adventures in Toddler Bed Training

For a week, I felt like we were the greatest parents that ever lived. For an entire week, I thought we had the perfect child as a gift from God for all of the crap we’ve put up with throughout our lives. For just one week, we had the ultimate success in training our toddler to his new bed and it was glorious!

Little K had been trying to climb out of his crib since Thanksgiving. And of course, sharing this information with my mom meant that my son’s Christmas list somehow had “toddler bed” added to it. Somehow she’s given me the impression that it’s a Nana’s job to spoil her grandkids. Anywho, I started researching how to best train my kiddo from the crib to the bed as easily as possible. This momma was prepared come Christmas. We were going to make the biggest deal out of this new bed, let the family faun over him and tell him what a big boy he was. Leading up to the gift, I had shown K his cousin’s big girl bed and told him he’d be sleeping in his own soon because he was such a big boy. I had such an abundance of encouragement that it was coming out my ears. I was convinced that this was going to be the best Christmas ever!

Then Christmas Eve arrived with disaster: my son was sick. Incredibly sick. We woke up thinking he’d be so excited to go open presents with the whole family (on my side) but instead he just laid across my lap giving off waves of feverish heat and quiet whimpers of discomfort. This was probably not going to be the best Christmas ever. Luckily, a little Tylenol helped him at least enjoy ripping wrapping paper off of his gifts but he still felt awful enough to not get selfish over presents that weren’t his. Any gift that he could touch and try was awesome, any gift that came in a box and required assembly was just meh. Including the new toddler bed. There were no blog posts/parenting research about how to handle that! We kept patting K on the back and told him what a big boy he was to be able to get a toddler bed but at that point he was done with the whole thing. We got him home, got him some more baby Tylenol and he didn’t even want his normal bed time routine. Instead, he just wanted to lay down and go right to sleep.

Genius struck me. Forget all of the research I had done, now was the perfect time to sleep train him! When he was sick and only wanted to sleep. I was sure it would be perfect and guess what? It was. We had K help take apart his crib, while saying “bye bye baby bed!”, and had him help put together his new bed, while saying “hello big boy bed!” His nap on Christmas day was in his new bed.

Every nap time and nighttime, K just fell right to sleep. Well, except for that one nap when mommy had to lay down with him to rub his face but I have a feeling that was because of his fever and that he’s a momma’s boy. Even after he got over his cold, he now knew that this was his new big boy bed. I even got in trouble at Nana’s when he had to nap in a pack-n-play. He eyeballed his cousin’s big girl bed and was pretty upset he wasn’t napping there instead. Any time we would come home from visiting Nana, K would run to his room and jump into his new bed. Seriously, he didn’t play or jump on it, he would just sit there basking in his big boy glory. He even started sleeping in. No joke, I woke up to my alarm three times last week. If you’re a mom of a toddler, you know how glorious this is.


Maybe he was worried Captain Hook would steal his treasure.

I wanted to post all of this so badly at the time, but every time I thought what I would say it just sounded like “blah, blah, we’re awesome parents so suck it, blah, blah.” I had been waiting for a night such as last night to finally complete this story. Last night was the night my research had warned us would happen. K did not want to go to bed. He kept getting up and crying on the other side of his door so it was difficult to even get in there to calm him down. After a couple trips of mommy and daddy going in and laying him back down, the crying stopped. It stopped because he realized his toys were in there and he could now play without his parents telling him to go to bed. (I really wonder why it’s taken him since Christmas to figure this out.) But let’s face it, playing just isn’t as much fun as you’d think when you’re far more tired than you want to admit and the crying started back up again. I went in to find K with his arms full of toys and a couch pillow. How it got in there in the first place, I’ll never know. I laid him back down and he smiled, kissed me and fell asleep. Not exactly the worst night ever but it was finally a break from our near perfect record. I figured after his late night, K would sleep in the next morning and inwardly celebrated. I should really never do that…

Early this morning, the bedroom doorknob started jiggling which made the dog growl until a crying child was being escorted along the bedside by daddy. (Daddy currently works nights and sleeps days.) Apparently, K had figured out how to open his bedroom door but couldn’t figure out how to open mommy’s. First world [kid] problems. Very scary.

I love these crazy curveballs life throws you. I love that the life of a mom is never boring. I love that my son can pick things up so fast, like opening a door, even if it means I get woken up before I really wanted to on the weekend. Here’s hoping this experience helps me to remember that, even though we got lucky and were given this amazing child that I’m not even sure is ours half of the time, that life changes with the blink of an eye.


Halloween update!

If you are still wondering where the wild things are, the answer this Halloween was at our house! While being under the effects of Pinterest and being in possession of a JoAnne’s gift card, I somehow decided that I would sew my son’s Halloween costume. Do we own a sewing machine? No. Do we own needles and thread? Yes. Had I ever sewn anything other than patches? No. What can I say, I’m a glutton for punishment. Thankfully, the internet is awesome and I started with plenty of time. Plus, fabric glue saved my from wanting to swear off the scale pants. I don’t think I’ll ever work with fake fur again, unless it’s a tail. The tail was easy and allowed me to recycle my scraps.

It was a bit too chilly to get pictures of my son trick-r-treating at the Zoo but I can report that he had a blast. We will definitely be going again next year.