Welcome to the world, Alli Mae!

Sorry it’s taken so long to write about our birth experience with our daughter. I’m sure most of you mommas understand that a toddler and a newborn usually add up to having your hands very full. Plus, it seems that our experience may just be pretty unbelievable!

On April Fools Day (the day I was so very hoping Allison would choose to be born), I went in for my doctor’s appointment at 10 to get my membranes scraped. After a few good scrapes, the doctor looked at me wide eyed and informed me that he thought I should make my way down to Labor and Delivery because he was fairly sure he had just torn a hole in my water sac. When I asked how low my daughter was (what station), the doc actually couldn’t tell me. Apparently, when he tore the sac, Allison slipped right down to plug it and created a bubble of fluid above her head. (This will come up later.) Not going to lie, I squealed! And then the next thing to go through my head as I was getting dressed was “Who do I need to text first?” Of course I needed to tell my husband for obvious reasons, but I also needed to tell my mom so she could come watch our 2-year old son and I also needed to tell my doula because I needed her at the hospital to help me when my contractions started getting rough.

Sidenote: If you’ve followed along since I had my son then you know that I labor very quickly.

I decided to group text… which honestly drives me crazy and comes across as just plain annoying. Luckily everything worked out and everyone made it there (myself included). I was set up in triage and hooked up to all of the machines to have my contractions monitored. It was a good thing I had been having steady contractions for several weeks by then so I was good and annoyed used to them. It seems as though it really didn’t matter whether or not I was leaking fluids because my contractions were coming every 4 minutes by then (at least that’s what I overheard the nurse saying) so they moved me to a delivery room. Just want to throw out there that this hospital is currently under construction and since things were progressing so quickly for me, we didn’t have time to wait for a new room to be cleaned. Oh no… we had to labor in a delivery room that heard every drill and hammer and compressor. It was… unpleasant to say the least.

Things definitely ramped up very quickly. I swear, if I had not had my doula to help myself and my husband through this, I don’t think I would have been able to do it without medication. Brenna, from Forget-Me-Not Doulas, suggested acupressure on my hips with each contraction and that was all I needed! I labored on a yoga ball while either my husband or Brenna pressed in on my hips and wow. The contractions still hurt but they never went over the peak that I couldn’t handle.

I know this is going to sound really weird, but I really enjoyed this whole experience. Not because each contraction got me closer to seeing my daughter. I tried to see it that way but that just made me impatient and I think if I had kept focusing on that I would have asked for the epidural. I don’t know why but the highly enjoyable part was appreciating the beauty of the human body and what we are capable of! It’s just amazing to know that my body knew what needed to happen and knew the pace it needed and was going to do it with or without my mind being in the right place. I decided to be taken along the ride and just appreciate every minute of it. That’s why I was able to laugh down every contraction because my body was doing exactly what it was made to do! And I was just amazed by motherhood.

When my body felt the need to push, I was so unbelievably frustrated that I was only at 9 cm! The next contraction took me to 9.5 cm but I knew if I had to sit through too many more contractions that I wasn’t going to take the pain well. I wanted to hold my daughter dammit! Luckily the doctor let me do small pushes with the next contraction to melt away the last centimeter. Small pushes are not easy when all you want is to get that baby out! One small push, breathe in, breathe out and tell my daughter to move down, move down, the top melted away. Another small push, the side melted away. Another small push and we were finally at 10 cm! If I could have moved, I would have hugged my doctor! I must say, the thing that got me through this very painful experience was being able to sort of zen out and just hold on to Brenna’s voice. She was so incredibly soothing and new exactly what to tell me and gave me easy to follow instructions. She doesn’t know this (yet) but the best advice she gave me was to relax my face. That completely removed my pain.

I’m sort of stalling on telling you the rest of the story because I’ve heard from a couple women that I really shouldn’t tell too many people about this… it only took 2 pushes to evacuate my daughter. Yes, 2 pushes and a huge splash because Allison was no longer plugging the water sac. Right after the sploosh, my gasping and serene daughter was on my chest and my adorable husband looked like our son around construction trucks all wide eyed when he exclaimed “You did it!” While I snuggled my gooey little child, the doctors kept checking me over and whispering to each other. I assumed I had torn so terribly that they didn’t know where to start stitching. My husband was worried something else had gone wrong, which is why he asked them if everything was all right. I guess there were no tears, but my cervix had swollen so much that they thought my uterus might have flipped inside out. But everything seemed to be where it needed to be, just incredibly swollen.

Alli nursed immediately like a champ and when our son finally made it to the room with Nana he was completely in love with her. He even scolded a nurse when she tried to take her from me to check her vitals. (To which everyone in the room just laughed and laughed.) Our little family was released the next evening and we have been doing so well since we got home! Every morning, our son rushes to Alli’s bed to see her and tell her good morning and Alli lets mom and dad sleep for 4 hour stretches in the night. I couldn’t have asked for a better delivery and I am so blessed by my family! This house is full of love.



2 thoughts on “Welcome to the world, Alli Mae!

  1. Valerie says:

    Awww, CONGRATULATIONS!! What a great birth story. I know just what you mean about birth being amazing, and our bodies knowing what to do. It’s incredible!! Well done, mama.

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