Postpartum Belly Wrap: Day 1

My amazing doula (Brenna at Forget-Me-Not Doulas) has started doing Postpartum Belly Wraps! I love that she’s doing these because they are so beneficial and I jumped at the chance to have one after I gave birth to my daughter. Brenna makes the wraps herself, prefrays and washes them to minimize shrinking and prolong their life. For a little extra, she will custom dye them. She did mine in a gorgeous kelly green and added a mother and child Celtic knot. Last night she showed me how to tie it on and it’s so simple to do yourself. She even gives you a slip cover so that you can use oils and creams. I’m really excited to document my experience with this wrap!

Here are the benefits to this type of wrap straight from Brenna’s brochure:

  • Provides constant support to the abdomen, ribcage and hips
  • Supports the healing of diastasis recti (separated abdominal muscles in pregnancy)
  • Helps speed up the process of uterine involution after delivery
  • Reminds wearer to maintain good posture and avoid the “nursing slouch”
  • Reduces the feeling of “jelly belly” or “empty shell” while organs return to their natural places after delivery

You can wear the wrap after a vaginal delivery or a cesarean, you just may have to wait longer after a c-section. So on to my journey with this delightful wrap!

As every momma knows, after baby, you tend to look like you’re 6 months pregnant. Personally, it drops my confidence a little bit when I’m out in public which is why I love this wrap. Here is my belly before the wrap:

IMG_1080 IMG_1082

I’m using Arbonne’s firming cream. It’s all natural and safe for breast feeding mommas (I only suggest that you wash your hands after applying since you don’t want your newborn’s skin firming up, obvs).


Here’s the light flannel cover you tie on before you wrap. You can also do the wrap over a light tank top. (Sorry this is a bit blurry.)


IMG_1084 IMG_1085


I couldn’t get the wrap on as tight as Brenna did but considering it was my first time, I think I did fairly well!

IMG_1086 IMG_1088

You’ll notice that I started the wrap at the top of my hips since I do a lot of sitting during the day. With the wrap on, it’s much more difficult to slouch in the chair while nursing. It may not look like it in the photos because I’m not that awesome at tying this on myself (yet) but it does cut off some inches on my stomach. It doesn’t cause me to overheat at all and it’s easy to breathe deeply with it on. It’s possible that I’ll experience an increase in bleeding, since this helps flush out postpartum bleeding. Will keep you guys posted on progress. Possibly not every single day, but at least every week or with each development.


3 thoughts on “Postpartum Belly Wrap: Day 1

  1. Great job on your self-tie! In Asia, belly wraps are a common thing for mothers who just gave birth. It’s a relaxing time for moms to get their bodies massaged and then binding the tummy. Slight discomfort but yeah, we all want flatter tummies. πŸ˜‰

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