2 year olds

Adventures in Toddler Bed Training

For a week, I felt like we were the greatest parents that ever lived. For an entire week, I thought we had the perfect child as a gift from God for all of the crap we’ve put up with throughout our lives. For just one week, we had the ultimate success in training our toddler to his new bed and it was glorious!

Little K had been trying to climb out of his crib since Thanksgiving. And of course, sharing this information with my mom meant that my son’s Christmas list somehow had “toddler bed” added to it. Somehow she’s given me the impression that it’s a Nana’s job to spoil her grandkids. Anywho, I started researching how to best train my kiddo from the crib to the bed as easily as possible. This momma was prepared come Christmas. We were going to make the biggest deal out of this new bed, let the family faun over him and tell him what a big boy he was. Leading up to the gift, I had shown K his cousin’s big girl bed and told him he’d be sleeping in his own soon because he was such a big boy. I had such an abundance of encouragement that it was coming out my ears. I was convinced that this was going to be the best Christmas ever!

Then Christmas Eve arrived with disaster: my son was sick. Incredibly sick. We woke up thinking he’d be so excited to go open presents with the whole family (on my side) but instead he just laid across my lap giving off waves of feverish heat and quiet whimpers of discomfort. This was probably not going to be the best Christmas ever. Luckily, a little Tylenol helped him at least enjoy ripping wrapping paper off of his gifts but he still felt awful enough to not get selfish over presents that weren’t his. Any gift that he could touch and try was awesome, any gift that came in a box and required assembly was just meh. Including the new toddler bed. There were no blog posts/parenting research about how to handle that! We kept patting K on the back and told him what a big boy he was to be able to get a toddler bed but at that point he was done with the whole thing. We got him home, got him some more baby Tylenol and he didn’t even want his normal bed time routine. Instead, he just wanted to lay down and go right to sleep.

Genius struck me. Forget all of the research I had done, now was the perfect time to sleep train him! When he was sick and only wanted to sleep. I was sure it would be perfect and guess what? It was. We had K help take apart his crib, while saying “bye bye baby bed!”, and had him help put together his new bed, while saying “hello big boy bed!” His nap on Christmas day was in his new bed.

Every nap time and nighttime, K just fell right to sleep. Well, except for that one nap when mommy had to lay down with him to rub his face but I have a feeling that was because of his fever and that he’s a momma’s boy. Even after he got over his cold, he now knew that this was his new big boy bed. I even got in trouble at Nana’s when he had to nap in a pack-n-play. He eyeballed his cousin’s big girl bed and was pretty upset he wasn’t napping there instead. Any time we would come home from visiting Nana, K would run to his room and jump into his new bed. Seriously, he didn’t play or jump on it, he would just sit there basking in his big boy glory. He even started sleeping in. No joke, I woke up to my alarm three times last week. If you’re a mom of a toddler, you know how glorious this is.


Maybe he was worried Captain Hook would steal his treasure.

I wanted to post all of this so badly at the time, but every time I thought what I would say it just sounded like “blah, blah, we’re awesome parents so suck it, blah, blah.” I had been waiting for a night such as last night to finally complete this story. Last night was the night my research had warned us would happen. K did not want to go to bed. He kept getting up and crying on the other side of his door so it was difficult to even get in there to calm him down. After a couple trips of mommy and daddy going in and laying him back down, the crying stopped. It stopped because he realized his toys were in there and he could now play without his parents telling him to go to bed. (I really wonder why it’s taken him since Christmas to figure this out.) But let’s face it, playing just isn’t as much fun as you’d think when you’re far more tired than you want to admit and the crying started back up again. I went in to find K with his arms full of toys and a couch pillow. How it got in there in the first place, I’ll never know. I laid him back down and he smiled, kissed me and fell asleep. Not exactly the worst night ever but it was finally a break from our near perfect record. I figured after his late night, K would sleep in the next morning and inwardly celebrated. I should really never do that…

Early this morning, the bedroom doorknob started jiggling which made the dog growl until a crying child was being escorted along the bedside by daddy. (Daddy currently works nights and sleeps days.) Apparently, K had figured out how to open his bedroom door but couldn’t figure out how to open mommy’s. First world [kid] problems. Very scary.

I love these crazy curveballs life throws you. I love that the life of a mom is never boring. I love that my son can pick things up so fast, like opening a door, even if it means I get woken up before I really wanted to on the weekend. Here’s hoping this experience helps me to remember that, even though we got lucky and were given this amazing child that I’m not even sure is ours half of the time, that life changes with the blink of an eye.


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