It’s official…

Okay, so it’s 90% official but that’s enough for me to announce that we are having a little girl! The ultrasound was great for a few reasons. 1) We decided not to get the health screening. I have faith this little gal will be as healthy as possible and I’d rather not worry until April. Besides, we know that she’ll be loved so much no matter what! 2) I had been spotting for a couple days and our resident wasn’t able to find the heartbeat 2 days previously so I was a little worried we were about to receive some bad news. I was a little apprehensive when my husband wanted to pick up our son and take him with us and I was almost in tears when we pulled up to the building. What? I’m pregnant, I have emotions and hormones and stuff. To my surprise, we found out we were having a daughter with a healthy heartbeat on top of the fact that our son K did incredibly well sitting in the dark looking at the screen showing baby A.

Here’s the lame thing about finally knowing we’re having a little girl: all of those adorable clothes I saw when I was wishing that I was having a girl are now nowhere to be found! I took my son shopping for pj’s the other day and wanted desperately to buy something for little miss. But of course, there wasn’t a single adorable thing in newborn size. Maybe it’s because I’m that punk rock momma with purple hair, but I’m just not into soft pinks paired with dark leopard print and that seems to be all that is on the shelves right now. *sigh* Big problems, I know. Good thing we have plenty of time to find that perfect coming home outfit!



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