First Doctor Appointment

I know, I know, I’m around 13 weeks and I finally got to a doctor. Since we were denied for state coverage, and every other insurance company turned us down since I’m pregnant, we’d been stressing about how we would pay for a $1700 visit. At least, that’s the number my usual OBGYN office gave us. Not exactly an easy amount. I finally found a sliding scale residency program that I was able to get my husband comfortable with (as well as convincing him we could use a doula this time around) and this all adds up to our first appointment for Baby #2!

Now, I don’t want anything I say in this post to come across rude or snobby or like I’m stereotyping a certain group of people. But here’s the thing… you could really tell from everyone that worked there that they were used to dealing with very rude people. It’s not that every low-income family is rude, but you could just tell that every employee in this place was paid a little too little to deal with too many attitudes. It was crazy how each and every one of them (aside from our Resident) had a huge wall up between themselves and my husband and me. It’s not that they were necessarily rude but they were definitely reserved as if they were expecting us to rip them a new one for something so small as making us fill out new patient paperwork.

It was amazing, though, how a smile and a little bit of patience melted those walls almost immediately. Not only did our visits at the front desk, nurse desk and lab desk completely improve but you could also see the days of the employees get much brighter and more relaxed. They went out of their ways to help us schedule our ultrasound, gave us numbers to call for assistance with the costs, and started even joking around with us about things.

So why am I posting all of this? Well, one, the appointment was really uneventful. Just fluids tests. And two, because sometimes we all need a reminder to show a little bit of kindness and patience with people that often receive too little of these things. No matter how busy your day is, there’s always time for a smile and kind word.


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