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Happy birthday Little One!


Yay for cupcake kisses!

So it happened. My little man turned 1… Who in the world said that could happen? Next thing you know, he’ll be turning 2 and things will continue to spiral out of control!

His party is this Saturday so my hubs and I had a mini family party. Which meant we put K in his high chair and let him devour a sugar filled cupcake. Since he didn’t cooperate with our wishes (i.e. he did not make a huge mess) we helped him out by getting his face a little more “frosting-y.” Of course we followed this up with playtime in the bath and then a sugar-induced coma right at bedtime.

So what are the most memorable parts of the last year?

  • Having little K enter our lives. And thank goodness things have been pretty easy since that point. We have seriously been blessed with an easy-going kiddo!
  • Watching K learn to smile, to giggle, to jabber, to crawl, and to walk. He’s definitely a forward moving child!
  • The moment K realized “dada” meant something… that was a pretty cool moment for all of us.
  • Nighttime snuggles that K only shares with mom 🙂

Can’t wait to see what the next year will bring. We’re moving to a new place *fingers crossed* and it’ll be a much better place for little K. I’m hoping to make a trip down to Washington with the babe to spend some time with friends. And hopefully we can bring up K’s Honey to finally meet him.

Happy birthday, Little One! Your parents are completely amazed at the incredible kiddo you are becoming!


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