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10 Months Already?!?

I see you!

I see you!

Little K is 10 months! I’m not sure how that happened so quickly. I’ve been planning his first birthday party hardcore. I was having a really tough time deciding on a theme until my coworker suggested starting with his sign. I must admit, I really don’t put much weight into astrology. I know my sign (Aquarius) and I know that I definitely have a water type personality. But that’s really as far as it goes for me. Nothing against anyone that puts more stock into it. It’s just not for me!

Which is why I’m incredibly grateful that my coworker brought it up. If she hadn’t, I probably would’ve been lame and put bought blue plates at Wal*Mart. Even though he won’t remember this birthday, I feel it is my duty, as a graphic designer/all-around-crafty-person, to make sure my kid has amazing parties that put Pinterest to shame. So here is how the thought process went:

K is a Pisces so a water theme? Maybe some sort of octopi? Or maybe, just maybe, PIRATES! YESSSS!

So there you have it! Killian is going to have a pirate birthday. With a cardboard box pirate ship and decor found on Zulily (if you haven’t signed up with Zulily, you should!) and of course whatever else I can put together. I’m excited for him to turn one! Life is far more fun when you get to see it through the eyes of your own child!


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