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Shameless plug!

It’s not much of a secret: I love my job. I love the ladies I work with (we’re a small inbound marketing agency of 4, no joke), I love coming in to work every day. I must if I give up 8 hours with my son every day! I consider myself incredibly lucky to have found not just what I love to do, but to also be good at it. I don’t want that to seem like bragging. After 10 years, though, I had better be a well-rounded, talented designer.

Okay, this is starting to feel like one great big love fest. Now that you know I find my job to be quite awesome, and my coworkers equally awesome, let me actually get to the point. We’re finally getting some time to start blogging for ourselves and not just our clients! Here is the first of mine, and hopefully there will be more to come. It’s a blast to get to write for Beacon since I get to throw a little of my own flavor in there. If you have the time, go check it out! It would be fun to find out what you think.

This way to Beacon: Let’s Be Social!


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