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Merry (belated) Christmas!

K’s first Christmas was a blast! (I have to admit, my favorite part of it all was waking him up the day after and seeing his eyes light up when he realized all of his toys were still there.) Unfortunately, my husband had some nasty stomach bug and had to spend most of the day trying to sleep it off. Lame way to spend his birthday as well. But eventually he was feeling up to opening presents. We were incredibly surprised with how well we were able to do for Killian this year. That kid was incredibly spoiled! He got big toys, little toys, and everything-in-between toys, clothes, books, and all sorts of things.

Eventually, we made it over to Nana’s for food and more presents with the grandparents, my sister, her kids, my cousin and her family. (The Christmas Wine was a huge hit by the way!) I love watching Killian eat at the table with everyone. His curiosity about new things is just amazing. He’d eat everything if he could. (New foods over those 2 days: prime rib and ham. See? Kid is spoiled.)

After gift opening with 5 kids (and 7 adults), my mom’s front room looked like Santa exploded all over the place. There was Christmas everywhere. Somehow, Little K ended up on the floor in the middle of it all and crawled to Nana in the middle of the room. I don’t know if it was because he was so excited by the bright wrapping paper all over or that he was now quite literally the center of attention, but K just started giggling and clapping.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever been a part of this but trust me, the effect this has on adults is irresistible. When a child claps, all adults within the vicinity also clap. It’s like the kiddo taps into hidden Pied Piper abilities and we’re all powerless to clap along! I really wish I had gotten a video of this, but of course, I was too busy (you guessed it) clapping. This exchange of applause went on for a good while. K clapped, we clapped, he got excited and clapped more, we clapped and a few “yay” exclamations escaped our lips, and back and forth, back and forth. I truly believe the only reason we were able to eventually stop was because we were so full of turkey and the tryptophan started to kick in. It’s far too fun to have a happy baby! I can’t wait for his birthday in March, since I’m sure he’ll be even more into the present opening phenom.
Hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas!

Open Sesame

Don’t judge, he has his own methods!


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