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A night out? What’s that?

Friday night happened to be a very dear friend’s birthday shindig. Of course I wanted to spend some time with her (I hadn’t seen her since my baby shower) and add to that that she wanted to go see The Hobbit and I was itching to find a way to get a sitter! Here’s the thought process that usually comes with the thought of getting out of the house though:

  • I need a sitter…
  • But it’ll be really late (8pm). Killian will be asleep. It seems a little lame to have someone come to our messy house to watch free cable until I get home.
  • Is hubs working? Probably… he’s always working nights (unless there’s something on that free cable that I want to watch, then of course he’ll work the morning shift and veto Grey’s Anatomy and force me to watch more football).
  • What about my mom? That would mean taking K to her house, putting him to bed, leaving, watching movie, coming back, painstakingly picking K up without waking him up only to take him outside into the negative temperatures and have him rudely awaken because his lungs are no longer breathing warm air.
  • My boss said her daughter is really good with kids. But this links up to above and I feel bad about some poor kid sitting in our ever so messy house, watching free cable while our overly energetic dog stares at her with big brown eyes that just scream “hey you! Let’s go play in the snow!”

After circulating through these thoughts several times, I usually just throw my hands up and say “EFF! I’ll just watch it when it comes out on DVD!” But in this instance, I couldn’t come to that conclusion. This. Is. The Hobbit! I saw each LOTR movie in theaters far too many times to count. I own the extended versions and can still quote around 75% of it, if not more. I couldn’t just sit around the house and let Bilbo slip away!

Luckily, my luck started to turn. Kellen actually had the night off! I was a little hesitant at first. The last time I had left my two guys alone around Killian’s bedtime (a couple months ago) was to go to a funeral. Hubs ended up having to call me back home because he didn’t like Little K crying for longer than 5 minutes when he laid him down. Which, I understand completely. It was hard to get him to learn how to go to bed at night. But this time was at least a little different: I was able to put K to bed and then leave. And aside from our toilet emergency (bowl and tank overflowing and landlord/maintenance nowhere to be found) I actually got out of the apartment without a hitch! Actually, the whole night was pretty perfect. Found the group, loved the movie (with a very minor complaint), and got home all in one piece! Maybe the event was made better simply because I finally felt like an adult again (and not just a milk factory mom), I’m not sure. All I do know is that I had a blast! And hopefully this can happen more often. One can dream right?


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