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Trains and Sewing Machines

When Killian was a newborn, I had heard music was a wonderful way to calm him down. But everything we had seemed to be too complicated for him and actually just wound him back up/over stimulated him. In one particularly frustrating car ride, K went into a screaming fit. And of course, I wasn’t able to pull over to comfort him and decided I would just play one of my CD’s and hope to either calm him down or calm my nerves. It just so happened that I had Imogen Heap’s Speak For Yourself on random and thank God for that! When the track Hide and Seek came on, I was surprised in the back seat mirror that Killian hadn’t just calmed down but he was starring contently at where he thought the many voices were coming from. Well it made sense, this song is 100% vocals (no drums, nothing instrumental) which meant no over complication for his little brain (that, of course, has always wanted to figure everything out).

Car ride after car ride, if K would get upset I would just throw on Hide and Seek. Not only did it calm him down, it eventually started helping him fall asleep. I figured there was no way this would last, his musical tastes had to change some time. But months later and Imogen Heap still seemed to be the siren that he needed. It is perfect for long road trips and it actually stresses me out when I don’t have the CD on me. It’s even saved me a couple times at night, when I’ve had to terribly sing it when all other songs failed. I wish I had a video of the magical effect it has on K, but that would mean either making my kid cry or pulling the car over and whipping out my camera. And to be completely honest, I just am not coordinated enough for that. I’d probably fumble my camera and drop it into the crevasse that exists between the door and my seat. By that point, I’d just want to hold my kiddo and the video proof still wouldn’t exist.

Before I get too off track though, let me tell you my favorite part of all of this. K has started singing along. He can’t talk yet, but he does babble. This is completely different. He actually tries to sing the melody and he’s started “singing along” when I sing him to sleep. It’s so awesome watching our tiny human grow and explore the world around him. I completely cherish these sappy mommy moments!

If you haven’t heard Hide and Seek or even heard of Imogen Heap, here’s the video. She is my absolute favorite of all time.


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