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Nom nom nom!

I know, I know. I’m a terrible mother. I forgot to inform the interwebs that my son is now 8 months old!! But now you know and I can start feeling better about myself.

Killian’s first Thanksgiving was ridiculously fun. I debated getting him stripped down to a diaper before giving him his first tastes but in the end I figured my mom’s house was too cold. Besides, that’s why I always carry around a second outfit for little man. My husband and I made a “food plan” the night before of everything I was going to let Killian try and it only came down to a couple: cranberry sauce, sweet potato mash (my family is against the smothering of sweet potatoes with syrups), mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie.. (Don’t worry, I also bought him some turkey/sweet potato puree.)

Now here is where I sell out my sis for a little bit. She hated when her oldest daughter was learning to feed herself and ended up making a huge mess. I am the complete opposite (and I’m sure it drives her crazy). I think kids should make that huge mess. How else are you going to take adorable photos to show their future significant others?!?

What’s that? You hope that there just so happened to be such a photo opportunity? Well, I’d hate to disappoint my dear readership. Here is a photo that should satisfy your query!

Nom nom nom!

The best part was putting the foods (thoroughly mashed by moi) on his little tray and then looking over moments later and seeing him actually chewing. Immediately after the meal, little K was treated to a warm bath, massage and snuggles. Dude. If only we all had it that good!


3 thoughts on “Nom nom nom!

  1. Valerie says:

    You said, “was treated to a warm bath, massage and snuggles. Dude. If only we all had it that good!” FOR REAL!! 😉 Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!

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