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The God(parent) Complex

Recently, I caught Life As We Know It playing on tv and it sparked an “Oh Crap!” moment in my head. We currently don’t have any guardians chosen for Killian. We did… but that has fallen through. And let’s face it, imagining your kid’s life without you isn’t exactly the funnest way to spend an evening. (Or any time for that matter.) I spent a couple of hours going through my list of friends and family and I just haven’t been able to come up with the best solution for Killian.

It’s not even that I don’t have quality people in my life either. In fact, there are several people that I would love to raise Little K. But they either have/are having their own children (one even has a Killian of her own) and we don’t want to overwhelm them with another kiddo or they don’t live in Alaska or my husband hasn’t met them yet (mostly because they don’t live in Alaska) and it just doesn’t seem right to choose them without his blessing (no matter how many times he tells me he’ll just back up my decision).

On top of this conundrum, I watched The New Normal (my new favorite show!) and they discussed what a godparent actually does. Apparently, they are your child’s spiritual guide in life…

Don’t you judge me for not already knowing this!!!

So now we have to choose 2 separate influential people for my child?? Or if we’re lucky, it can at least be the same person/couple. In an ideal world, my little family would live in Bremerton, Washington across the street from my 2 favorite people and they’d be K’s guardians/godparents. But since I have yet to create a perfect world (I’m working on it though!) we’re just crossing our fingers and toes (and anything else that’s cross-able) that we don’t die before we have a plan for poor Little K. You’re probably thinking “Isn’t this something you should be hoping for anyways?” and yes… yes it is. And we do. But now the crossings are extra tight and the search continues. If we’re lucky, the right choices will just fall into our laps. And if we were in a sitcom, this would happen within the hour… Clock starts now!


5 thoughts on “The God(parent) Complex

  1. Valerie says:

    Hey, isn’t that the guy (in the pic) from the National Treasure movies? I love him! 🙂 We don’t have anyone as godparents to our kids. I wonder if that is a traditional thing, passed down. You know what I mean? Like, my family didn’t do it and my husband’s family didn’t, so it isn’t the natural thing for us. But I think it’d be cool to! Do you know if it follows a certain religion?

    • Good eye! That is the guy from National Treasure.

      I remember we had “godparents” but I think they just chose their best friends at the time. I remember it being a bigger deal that I got to call their kids my godsisters. 😛 I think it’s possibly a Christian thing? But I’m not really sure. I think it could be used in any religion though!

      • Valerie says:

        Hmm, maybe it’s within a certain type of Christian, because we were raised Baptist and no one we knew had godparents. Interesting…

  2. kasibetty says:

    My heart stopped when reading this. MAN, I WISH I LIVED CLOSER!!! This was sweet to read Mandi, and no worries little K will be in good/God hands if sh*t ever got real! 🙂 Love you guys!!!

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