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7 months & daycare

I’ve been a little depressed this weekend. I found a home daycare that I like. Which means I really have no reason to not get Killian into it and start working full-time. I’ve been trying to find some excuse to keep the little man with me at work, but there’s really no good reason to not start working more. But, he’s going to be just around the corner from work so that I can have lunch with him. So I suppose that’s not so bad.

7 months hasn’t really brought much our way so far. Every morning though, I do put him on his stomach and tell him “today is a good day to start crawling!” He’ll get up on his hands and knees and wiggle around, but he always ends up just plopping down. Lord know I’ll be infinitely sad if he starts crawling at daycare. I really need to just accept that I’m going to miss some things. (Boo-hiss)

It probably is going to be much better for him though to be in daycare. I feel kind of awful most days that I can’t really give him all of the attention he’s craving. Especially after his immunizations.

Side note: This month was actually quite the hilarious experience. After the nurse gave him his first shot, Killian stared up at her like “Uh, I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you did not just mean to poke me with that needle…” The second one brought tears but as soon as the third was done, he had sucked it up and took it like a real little man.

But what’s the best way to calm my cranky fevered baby at work? PhotoBooth! Thank goodness we’re on Macs at work because it never fails to just start up PhotoBooth and have K flirt with himself for a little while. I’m going to really miss that!!

K at work

Future graphic designer in training.


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