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We have TOOFERS!

So it’s official, my baby has a tooth! (Sadly not his two bottom canines which totally ruins my Halloween plans!) It is so amazing watching Killian grow up. I’ll admit, I don’t completely love the sharp little tooth that pokes out of his lower gums during feeding time. But I do love watching him tongue this new part of himself; I love seeing him explore his little world and who he is in it.

I’ve realized that I’m sort of an odd mom. I can’t wait for my kid to crawl. Or to walk. And talk. I know, I know, every time I voice this some mom in proximity has to say, “Oh no you don’t! Believe me, you’ll wish he was still a little baby. Trust. Me.” Thanks random mom, because now that you’ve mentioned it… See, I remember what the first month was like. It was a whole lot of not sleeping. Sure, I did love our daily and nightly 24/7 snugglefests. And sure, being up all night with K did allow me to read The Hunger Games trilogy rather quickly (thanks for that bub). But it still wasn’t 100% awesome. I seem to recall sleep deprivation created a monster that looked exactly like me and had the ability to take over my body at the worst times possible. Like when my husband finally got home from working. I don’t miss that Mandi-monster.

Besides, K amazes me every day with how he grows and I soak in all of it that I can. Every new moment makes me think all over again: “Wow! We made that little person!” Maybe it’ll change when he goes through the phase that mom isn’t cool anymore, or when he moves away for college, but for now, you keep on growing little man because mom is in love with being amazed by you!


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