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6 months & baby babbles

So far, 6 months is my favorite. Killian is becoming incredibly mobile. He can’t crawl yet, but he can spin and pull himself towards his desired location. I also think swimming might be good for him, with how crazily he kicks while he’s laying on the floor. A girl at work has also taught him how to wave and it’s just adorable watching his disjointed arm movements when he gets excited from someone coming into the room.

But the best part might be the babbles. “D” is, of course, his favorite consonant. “Da-da” is a huge part of his babbles but I’m not sure that he’s actually associated it with my husband yet (even if we totally associate it with him and get super excited any time Little K shoots a “da-da” his way). He is almost always talking (he even sings sometimes in the car) and usually with a great big grin on his face. He definitely loves being vocal. Feedings are full of “mm”s, playtime is full of squeals and I even wake up to “mu-mum” and “da-da” over the monitor. I love it!


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