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5 Months & Solids!

For about a month now, Little K has been eyeballin’ our food. At first, it just seemed like curiosity, like “why in the world do mom and dad eat that way??” I figured we’d need to start solids soon so I tried dabbing a little bit of yogurt onto his tongue to see if he was into it. I wasn’t sure how safe yogurt was for babies though, so it was only small dabs to see if he liked the different flavors. Little did I know, I had created a monster!!


Okay… he might chew his elephant because he’s teething… but still. I had K sitting on my lap a few days ago and noticed him giving my smoothie the “up and down.” Ladies, you know what I am talking about!! Not that guys wouldn’t know what that feels like, especially if they’re carrying a 3 Musketeers bar. Apparently. I figured it was just a part of his object curiosity so I held the cup right in front of him. To my surprise, he opened his mouth and leaned forward. Hmm. I figured why not let him see what the cup feels like in his mouth and I figured he’d chew. Nope, he started sucking. This little guy has been catching on to a lot more than we had thought. So I tipped the cup just a little and he actually tried to drink a little bit of my smoothie…. Yup, time for solids.

It only took one feeding for him to figure out that he actually has to open his mouth for the spoon to go in. And then he has to actually swallow it instead of pushing it out with his tongue. The only issue now is that he does not fill up on just milk now. Either that, or he’s just too excited to be eating that he has to have a taste of something. Which means he expects us to share everything. Try explaining to a 5-month old why he cannot have chicken wings…

I’ve tried a little experiment too. On Friday, my boss mentioned how her son had chewed on his bottom lip when he was Killian’s age and directly after, K decided to start chewing on his bottom lip… As far as I know, we didn’t imitate bottom lip biting. So I’ve started asking him to do things, like when I get him dressed, I ask him to straighten his leg (while tapping either leg) into his pants and surprisingly, he usually does it. This just makes me realize that now is the time to really show him baby signs. He might not have the coordination yet, but I have a feeling more is sinking in that we originally thought. Especially since he gets excited every time I sign “eat.” My super chunk, he has his priorities!


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