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4 Months! We made it!

Sorry for the blog hiatus! We don’t have internet at our apartment and I don’t write at work since, well, that’s kind of counter-productive. So now I have to write at home, copy to a device, and post before leaving work.

Little K still comes to work with me and I still love it! Love it and hate it. He’s starting to get to the age where he needs interaction and I just can’t give him every second he wants. Luckily he’s still easily distracted but it’s very possible that he’ll need to have a sitter soon(ish). Which I hate. I love spending all day with my little man and I don’t want to miss anything! Just yesterday, I left K with his dad so that I could get plenty of work done and guess what… He “crawled.” Or to be accurate, he inch-wormed across his Tummy-Time-Blanket. (At least he did it again when I got home.) He’s just growing way too quickly. And he definitely has the personality that, once he is moving around, we won’t be able to hold him down. My little explorer.

I’m pretty sure we’ll be starting solids soon. K always eyeballs our food. I’m not sure yet if that’s because he’s trying to figure out why we don’t eat like he does or if it’s because he’s actually curious about food. Either way, I’ve started looking at baby food recipes. My current plan is to make all of his purees (with breast milk). Luckily we have just the apparatus to do so. But knowing me, I’ll burn out on it quicker than I’d like. We’re just waiting until we know that he’s ready to join the “solid” food realm and that we’re not reading his signs wrong.

For example, it’s very possible that he’s teething and has been for a bit. He’s a fountain of drool (which has been so much fun with his double chin, can you say recipe for rash?) and mom and dad are his new chew toys. Mix this all in with a slight fever and cranky fits when he doesn’t get to feed (read: chew on mom) and this all adds up to tooth city right around the corner. And believe me when I say that the teething meltdowns are SO awful awesome when they happen at work. Because 1) I’m trying my hardest to help him out and 2) I’m trying my hardest to not disturb the other businesses in the building/my coworkers.

Other than the understandable meltdowns, K is still the easiest baby around. He’s always happy, even if he’s just staring at a green wall or whiteboards with blue writing on them. My husband and I took him with us when he got our haircuts yesterday and he stayed happy for the whole hour. Of course, that’s very possibly because of all the attention he got from the ladies there. He’s completely a ladies man and he’s only 4-months old. Lord only knows what he’ll be like when he’s a teenager! Going to be a lot of broken hearts over this boy!


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