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Basically, moms are super heros

I don’t really like to brag (uh, yes I do, it’s my family’s namesake uhthankyouverymuch) but when a woman becomes a mom, she totally becomes a super hero. Usually we only picture dad wearing the red cape, but that’s only because moms, while some of us look ffffffabulous in red, are usually the behind-the-scenes kind of super hero. In short, we’re a bit more… flexible. (Nerd points to whoever gets the movie reference.)

We’re not bitten by radio active spiders, because we probably squish any 8-legged freak that crosses our paths (read: scream until our husband squishes them). We’re smart enough to stay away from gamma rays, especially of the green-ish variety. And let’s face it, anything close to a utility belt fanny pack should be avoided. Don’t even get me started on spandex (I’m looking at you Peter Parker!)…

So why this sudden outburst of “We so Awesome”? After my last post, a couple of mom friends commented on my Facebook to put breastmilk on Little K’s cradle cap. I’d also heard it could cure all sorts of things: stuffy noses, goopy eyes, the T virus. But that would put Milla Jovavich out of a job so let’s just skip that one.

After pumping the other morning, I decided to swipe the extras onto K’s forehead. Why not, right? Then I swiped his eyebrows, his poor stuffy nose, his hairline… his whole scalp actually. The poor kid looked so drenched but luckily we weren’t scheduled for any public appearances that day so who cared. After his next nap, I massaged K’s scalp with his soft brush again. But uh… where were his scales? No joke, they were all gone except the spots (and I mean spots) where his hair is thicker. Tada! My kid was not only less reptilian-looking, but completely human. I’ve now got a bottle in the fridge for every thing that needs quick healing and yes, I do end up feeling very Lucy Pevensie.

K scratched up his face. *Drip* No more scratches! K has a patch of dry skin. *Drip* Not anymore! Seriously, this whole mom thing is pretty cool. Now… it may be the sleep deprivation talking, but I think learning to fly is next 😉


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