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Either my son is becoming a dragon or

… he has cradle cap. Quite honestly though, he does growl an awful lot so I might be seeking a second opinion on this whole dragon thing.

Guess I should tell him you are what you eat.

According to our pediatrician, there isn’t much we can do for his scaley scalp, forehead and nose. Shampoo, lotion, nothing could work except for time. Around 4 more months of time at which point we would have our very own dragon son. But if you know me at all then you know I don’t easily accept that there’s nothing I can do. I searched through my Dr. Mom kits and found a nice soft brush and some baby oil and sat Killian down for a feeding and massage. (No one ever massages me while I eat. *pouts* And they never pay me in gum either…) After a couple drops of baby oil, a few circular strokes with the brush, and a shampooing, my kiddo was looking a whole lot less reptilian. Plus, after brushing his hair around, I realized that his hair is the perfect length for a mohawk. And what 10-week old doesn’t look awesome rocking a ‘hawk, scale free!


4 thoughts on “Either my son is becoming a dragon or

  1. kasibetty says:

    SUPER CUTE PICTURE!!! My Killian didn’t have it a whole lot, but Isabel did. As I’d nurse her I’d gently run my soft nails over her scalp and pick it off like a monkey 🙂 I don’t think it’s a big deal, babies are way too little to worry about something like epic hygiene, they’re still adjusting to the human world so their natural oils and skin are forming/growing still. Like their tummy lining for example… after birth it takes up to 15 weeks until it’s properly grown! Which explains why most all babies have sensitive tummies! 🙂 That little fact helped me through Killian’s groucho stage. Sounds like baby boy is in the groove!!! Hugs n Loves little mama!!! ❤

    • Sometimes during his feedings I look down and wonder why his skin is so red and then I realize I’ve been picking at him! Eesh I’m awful, I wish I had soft nails like you. The tummy thing explains a lot, K always gets so scared when he gets gassy. He better try to enjoy it though, since he won’t always get away with farting on me. 😉 Hugs and love lady!!

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