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Paying someone to torture your children

Or what the medical field calls: Vaccinations.

Little K is now 9 weeks, which meant it was time for his 2 month vaccinations. And of course I’d heard the awful thing that most new moms hear when the word “vaccines” is brought up.

But don’t you know that vaccinations are linked to childhood autism??

Of course, this isn’t what I wanted to hear. Would there really be a chance that my kiddo could end up with autism because of some shots that most children get? I got all of my vaccinations as a child and I’m living autism free. After researching on the internet (’cause we all know everything online is totally 100% true) and talking to K’s doctor, I felt much better. (Reasoning toward the end of this post.) I just kept telling the doc “Let’s just get it over with!” because, even though I felt comfortable with him having the vaccinations, I knew watching him get them would be awful. I mean, c’mon, I have a hard time taking our pets to the vet. And I’m not likening our son to our pets… well, actually I sort of am. They’re both little creatures that can only express pain and fear with body language and cries. It’s just plain rough.

The nurse came into the room with a tray carrying 3 needless and an oral vaccine. (Too bad they can’t all be taken orally.) She asked me to hold K’s hands into his body and to get ready to give him all of the love in the world because these were going to hurt. Again, not what a mom wants to hear. As soon as the first needle hit K’s thigh, his face turned red and he started screaming a cry I’d never heard from him. Oddly though, hearing it made me feel grateful. It meant he’d never had a reason before then to tell us he was in pain.

Two more shots later, we both had tears streaming down our face. Luckily I had to hold him for his oral vaccine, especially since I didn’t really care if they wanted me to hold him or not. He sucked down the last vaccine and we were released from the torture. By the time I reached the elevator to leave, K had already passed out. Poor little guy. It may have been a terribly emotional experience, but I’m glad we did it and here is why (info according to K’s doctor):

  1. Vaccines are scheduled when a child is at a high risk to catching the disease & when their immune system is most likely to ward it off.
  2. The only vaccine that’s been controversially linked to autism is the MMR vaccine, which he won’t need for several more months (and trust me, I’ll be bringing this up with him when it comes time).
  3. Spacing out shots just means poking your kiddo a greater amount of times.
  4. Basically, in the nicest way possible, he told me that medical professionals have done their jobs to make sure that vaccines are as safe as possible for the rest of us non-medical folks.

I understand why a lot of people choose not to vaccinate. But I’ve decided to go ahead and trust our pediatrician. For one, because I hate when my clients try to do my job for me. Two, because I’m pretty sure he didn’t waste a majority of his young adult life going to med school just to pull my leg about shots. And three, because he’s put my mind at ease on other issues (K not gaining weight & K spitting up blood). Besides, when my kiddo looks like the pic below just a couple days later, it helps me realize that I’m being the mom that he needs in the way that’s best for us.

“I don’t even remember what a needle is…”


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