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Work work

We made the trek back into the workforce on Monday. “We” meaning Little K and myself. My boss is awesome enough to allow me to bring in my little one to work. For now anyways, since all he does is sleep most of the time. I was completely stressed about bringing him in at first; would I want to just play with him all day or would I actually be able to get work done? I started paying attention to our daily schedule, which completely freaked me out even more. From 9 am to 1 pm, Killian was usually bright eyed and wanting every second of my attention. I was sure my first work week (which isn’t much of a week really, it’s just 4 hours Monday, Wednesday and Friday) was going to be horrendous. Until Wednesday (Monday doesn’t count, it was mostly a meeting)…

Apparently our offices are a little TOO relaxing

Yup, Little K stays passed out almost the whole 4 hours! He usually waits until an important phone call from my boss to wake up, of course; there’s nothing like the timing of a baby. But at least he stays quiet which is a total blessing. God truly sent down to us a very special angel to raise. (It sort of makes me nervous to have another, it’ll be hard to beat how awesome a baby K is.)

So, if you’re a new mom and you’re heading back to your office soon, I completely recommend taking your kiddo. It completely relieves the stress of pumping and the best part of working on a stressful project is being able to look down at your little sleeper. It never fails to put a smile on anyone’s face!


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