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Happy belated Mother’s Day!

Hope all you mommas out there had a fantastic Mother’s Day! I had quite possibly the greatest day of all. After breakfast in bed, my husband took the kiddo and myself out to Alyeska (where he works) for a massage. I have to admit though, I really missed the kiddo the whole 50 minutes. Maybe it was because I was so relaxed and almost fell asleep and it’s just odd now to sleep without Little K in the room. But if you are in Girdwood and you’re looking to relax, I completely recommend seeing Lauren at the Spa. She was awesome! Afterward, the hubs treated me to lunch and plenty of coworkers to show off the kiddo to. That might actually have been my favorite part of the whole thing; showing off Little K to everyone at the hotel. Even strangers were coming up and telling us how beautiful he was. I love that, we’ve got a cute kid. It’ll be fun to tell him some day how people just fawned all over him when he was a baby. Unfortunately, right after lunch, daddy had to go to work so K and I road tripped back home while I sang to the radio and K snoozed.

But before we even headed out for Alyeska my hubby gave me by far the greatest gift he could’ve ever come up with! He had been bragging for a couple of days about how good this gift was going to be and I definitely believed him. He’s good at that sort of stuff, really good. But I didn’t really know how good until he gave me this:

A shadow box with our son’s foot and hand impressions and my favorite picture from the day he was born! I’ll admit, I’m totally a weepy kind of girl. I cry at commercials (c’mon, you know that one, with the crying babies and the death of parents from aids statistics, is super sad) but this gift got me good. I could barely blubber “Thank you so much babe!” Looks like the bar has been set for Father’s Day! But luckily my hubs is pretty vocal about what he wants and it doesn’t go pew pew, it goes bang bang 😉


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