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6 weeks & disjointed ramblings

My happy little boy is 6-weeks old today!! The time has been flying and he’s been growing like a weed. Since I don’t really have a set theme for this post (or any big happenings with K, which thankfully means no big scares either!) I think I’ll just post a couple of disjointed rambles.

If They Mated
(I’m sorry, but I love Conan. He’s hilarious even if he is obnoxious.) I asked my mother-in-law to send me a baby picture of my husband so we could see which of us Killian currently looks like, and here are the results:

(Yea, I was even a nerd at birth. Live long and prosper yo!) Oddly enough, I think K is right in the middle. He definitely has his daddy’s nose and mouth, but he has my face shape and eyes. That makes me feel pretty good. I didn’t think he’d have many pieces of me and that I’d just be dubbed The Lady That Feeds Me Whenever I Please. But now, it’s pretty obvious that he’s made up of parts of me.

Killian’s First Cold
Poor Killian. For a whole day all he wanted to do was eat and eat. I just figured he was trying to up my milk supply or he was going through another growth spurt. (I’m still not sure how long he is, but the little guy is now 10 lbs! Sometimes, I hold him and think to myself “My God, how do women give birth to babies this big??” God never answers me but I imagine Him giving me a high five when those mothers aren’t looking.) The next day, all he wanted to do was sleep. After I woke him up for a couple of feedings, I noticed he was feeling pretty hot even though he was just in footie jammies. Alaskan babies are not supposed to be that hot. When I took his temp, he was 99.4… Not cool. His stuffy nose even got stuffier and he started coughing from all of the mucous reaking havoc on his throat.

Ugh, it is so not fun to watch your little one be sick. Especially when you can’t do anything about it. His fever did break before we went to bed and I thought we were in the clear. Until I checked his temp the next day and it was 99.6. Luckily he hadn’t lost his appetite at all but I did end up calling a nurse triage line when his temp rose to 100 (this was over the weekend when the doc’s office was closed) and had a nurse reassure me that I was doing everything I could for K. His fever broke again that night but he kept waking up every 2 hours because his nose was so clogged he was having a hard time breathing. Even though we were using saline to clear his nose, it seemed to just clog the second we laid him on his back. He sleeps in a pack-n-play right now so we couldn’t elevate his head at all. Eventually I just decided to sleep with him on my chest with me elevated on the couch. I made sure to breathe away from his face which meant sleeping in a super awkward position. But hey, the kink in my neck was totally worth it since K ended up sleeping all night because he could finally breathe easily. I had to sleep on the couch with him again last night so he could breathe but at least his fever has not returned. Hopefully this just means the infection he was fighting is gone and the mucous just needs to subside for his cough and squeaky breathing to go too. But hey! At least all of these late night wakings have lead to me reading the Hunger Games trilogy.

Hunger Games
The Hunger Games trilogy was definitely my kind of series! Even though the first book’s premise felt a lot like the movie Battle Royale. (And no, I’m not referring to the Bond movie, Casino Royale. I mean the J-Hor movie… I have a thing for aZn movies. J-Hor, anything with Daniel Wu no matter how awful, Hong Kong comedies, I love them all.) At first, this sort of turned me off but the further I got into it, the less I cared. I wish more books were written this way and hopefully I can see the movie soon. The thought of this makes me miss Seattle so much. They have a theater downtown that has showings in the early afternoon just for moms with babies. That way, it’s well understood that your movie-going experience might possibly be interupted by an infant’s cries. Or even several for that matter.

Work Work Work
I’m going back to work on Thursday. I’m pretty anxious in a good and bad way. Everyone keeps telling me I’ll eventually get over being away from K during the day but see, that’s not my problem. My problem is that Killian can go to work with me until he’s a bit older. When I say this, I’m usually given odd glances so let me clarify. I love my job. I love my career. I just plain love being a designer. I especially love my company and I love that they make me feel appreciated. But I also love my other job. I love being a mom. I love spending all day with Killian. To be honest, I love being a mom much more than I love being a designer. I’m anxious because I’m worried that I’ll just want to spend all of my time tending to Killian’s needs when I’m on the clock and clients are counting on their work getting done. I honestly think it will be better having K in day care so that I can concentrate on my work instead of just wanting to play with him. Even at home, when someone else wants to hold him I can’t help but stare at him and wish that I was holding him, even if that means I’m now free to eat/sleep/go to the bathroom/shower/pluck brows/clip nails (you know, all the things I have a hard time doing when I’m holding my wiggle worm). Luckily though, my boss is a mom as well and she’s open to helping me ease back into the work life. Even if that means starting out part-time. Eventually, I’d love to work from home and just hang out with my kiddos. But for now, I just need to learn how to juggle a little better.


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