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Mommy rewards

I’ve been such a grump lately. Maybe it’s because K has had such an irregular sleep schedule lately. One night he’ll wake after 5 hours of sleep, the next he might sleep through the whole night, and the next he might wake every 3 hours and not want to fall back to sleep. This is one big recipe for a sleepy, grouchy momma. Especially since it’s pretty difficult to teach a newborn the difference between night and day in Alaska when our sun stays in the sky until late at night. It should be easier when we move into our own apartment though… Frustration City: population me.

That is, until this morning. (But first, just to clear things up, I love being K’s mom. I love taking care of him, even if that’s every 3 hours at night. I just need sleep!) We were well into our normal routine; K was in my arms, going to town on his paci when he popped it out of his mouth and gave me the biggest smile. I waited for the usual accompanying fart… but when there wasn’t one I tickled his side and was met with another big grin! Consider this ice queen melted!

It’s absolutely amazing to see your little one grow a little bit each day. Being a mom is certainly hard work; it’s harder than I ever imagined. And even though moms must survive on little sleep, have clothes stained in spit up/pee/brightly colored poo, don’t get many moments to themselves… it’s totally worth it. It’s worth it to be rewarded in smiles, quietly attempted giggles, and seeing K grow every day.


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