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Learning to speak baby

Several months ago, a friend posted the Dunstan baby language video on Facebook. I probably would’ve thought it was just a gimmick if several moms hadn’t commented on how much they wished they’d heard about it when their kids were newborns. So I at least thought it was worth checking out. I watched the YouTube video (posted below) over and over but I just wasn’t hearing the words that Killian was supposedly telling me. I just figured I wasn’t going to be able to discern what words K was saying and that his body cues were all that I needed. Our nights, up to this point, consisted of cry, feed, spend an hour of trying to get K to sleep to start all over again 2-3 hours later. Granted, Killian is a very self-soothing, easy-going baby. But I wanted to meet his needs much more quickly.

My mom had found a gently used version of the Dunstan dvds and last night we all finally decided to watch the first “lesson.” I just have to say, these dvds are almost torture for a hormonal, nursing mother! No, seriously. It’s a video of crying babies. Cry after cry… after cry. They’re separated out so that you can hear each baby word but by the end of it, I have to admit, I was crying and leaking. So if you’re nursing and are having the kind of day where you’d cry at a box of free kittens, just keep nursing pads and tissues nearby! (And don’t worry, I totally know I’m a huge wuss and I definitely laugh at myself in retrospect. Every. Day.) As soon as the “lesson” was over, Little K, right on cue, decided to start talking right away. I’m still having a hard time hearing the exact words, but Nana heard “eh.” So I put him up over my shoulder and was rewarded with a huge belch. That’s my boy! After his midnight feeding, I tried to listen for the first 3 words, took care of each accordingly and in an hour, he was down for the count. I figured we’d be up again in a couple of hours and reluctantly crawled into bed. (At this point, my thinking had been “what’s the point of trying to sleep if we’ll just be up soon?” and other pitty-party/woe is me/emo sentiments. My life, it is rough.) I didn’t hear a peep from K until 5:15…

We need to put bars on our windows. I think someone stole my baby in the middle of the night… But still, we got up, he ate for 20 minutes and he put himself back to sleep. Still, I figured we’d be up again in 2 hours so why bother sleeping… I’m like friggan Eeyore. It’s not much of a life, but it’s mine. Still, I sucked it up and laid down. It wasn’t until 9:30 that we heard a tiny little fuss and my husband got up to take care of K. (Side note: there is nothing sexier than a good father!) I rolled back over knowing my husband would wake me when K needed to eat. But come 10, I was still alone and able to sleep if I wanted. Killian had actually put himself back to sleep in his daddy’s arms.Say whaaat?? Our kiddo had every need met so he was able to sleep. And sleep and sleep.

So ladies/caregivers/dads/grandparents/everyone, I’m a complete believer in the Dunstan baby language! The video below is pretty interesting but the actual dvds are much more helpful (even if it’s hard to watch baby after baby just cry and cry). After just one night, we’re already happier. Killian has been napping more deeply and cooing with me for longer. I have a feeling we’ll be having more nights with long sleep. Definitely positive points for momfidence 😉


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