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Little K is 4 weeks!

It’s absolutely crazy to me that our little man is already 4 weeks old. The time has flown and at the same time, it hasn’t. (I’m sure anyone with a newborn completely understands this phenomenon…) I weighed the both of us the other day and it looks like he’s a little over 8 lbs! If you’ve read my past posts, then you know that this is a huge achievement for us. We’ll find out his exact weight on the 20th when I head to my 1 Month Club.

It’s almost weird to be going to a 1 Month Club. A mom group. For 28 years, I was just Mandi. Graphic designer. Gamer. Full of snark. I went to nerd gatherings. Stood in line for hours to see the latest Harry Potter. Stayed up all night to marathon LoTR (extended versions tyvm). Now I’m mom. Responsible for an 8 lb bundle of flailing arms, wrinkly knees, giggles, and joy. And I apparently go to mom groups. It’s an exclusive club that I’ve wanted to be a part of my entire life. But it definitely takes some getting used to and I’ll probably be pinching myself for another month just to make sure this hasn’t all been a dream. Though, why I would dream about being up all night for feedings, having diapers leak poop all over my arm and smelling like spit up is beyond me.

I’m heading back to work in a couple of weeks. I’m both excited and worried. I’m completely getting used to being mom but I miss working. I love my profession but I guess the problem is that I love my new profession just as much (if not more). But I miss the girls at the office and it will be so nice to get out of the house. It’ll just be another adjustment. Lucky for me, though, I’ll be able to have him in the office for a while. And it helps that Killian is such an easy going baby that I’m sure we’d be able to adjust to anything together!


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