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If he’s not the word of God, then God never spoke

We went into our appointment on Tuesday not really knowing what to expect. We knew that the doc wanted to rupture my membranes, but we didn’t know what would come next. Would we be able to go for a walk one last time just the two of us? Or would we be stuck at the hospital? And when would they have to give us some Pitocin, if ever? Well, we quickly found out that the doc had completely forgotten that he had told me he wanted to perform an AROM. He asked me if I hadn’t had the baby by Friday (my due date), if we would like him to induce me. My husband and I looked at each other in confusion and told him that we had expected that to happen that day. So he called up my hospital and told them to expect us and sent us on our way.

After one last stop for Shamrock shakes, we headed towards the hospital thinking we’d be seeing our son the next day or so. I almost wish it had taken that long… We got to Alaska Regional, filled out the necessary paperwork (including a waiver for an epidural just in case), got dressed in my sexy hospital gown (they’re so in this season) and eagerly hopped into the bed ready to rock. My doctor showed up a little bit later and pulled out his crochet needle (which was much longer than my husband expected) and popped my water. Before this, I was 5cm. Afterward, I was 6cm. Things were moving quickly! Unfortunately, a little too quickly… I started to actually feel my contractions. And then I started to really feel my contractions. And then they started to peak really hard and really long. I think one didn’t even bother to come down for several minutes. What I know is that I was gripping my husband’s hand and the bed so hard that all I could say was “owwwwwwww!” I tried every breathing method from yoga class, even imagined the good air coming in to the painful areas and the bad air going out and taking the pain with it. No breath of air was going to take that pain out though!!! Eventually, the contraction let up and the first thing out of my mouth was “EPIDURAL!” In between these crippling contracts, the anesthesiologist, my nurse and my husband were able to get me into a sitting position (wait for contraction to end), into a standing position (wait for contraction to end), step 2 steps to the left (wait for contraction to end), then back to sitting with my back arched.

I just have one thing to say… if Pitocin is the devil drug then Epidurals are straight from God! It started working immediately and at this point I was 9 1/2 cm. All this within 4 hours. A few seconds later, the nurse told me I could practice pushing… a few second later, she told me to actually stop “practicing” so that she could get the doctor. Apparently, I was too good at practicing. After 20 minutes of pushing, my son was on my stomach and my husband and I were falling head over heals over our new addition.

I know that everyone says this, but it’s so crazy to think that you couldn’t be more in love with someone that your spouse. And then you have a child… and you find a new kind of love growing in you.

Killian, 3 days old

Welcome Killian David, born March 20th at 4:57 pm. 7 lb, 10 oz, 20 in, loved from head to toe!


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