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Well that’s just disappointing

At my last OB appointment, I was 4 centimeters dialated and both my doctor and nurse thought that I wouldn’t make it to my next appointment. All weekend, my husband and I were pretty jittery with the anticipation of bringing our little Killian home! But… today was my next appointment and guess how far I’ve dialated. Let me just put it this way, I’m probably lucky that my son didn’t reach up and shut my cervix completely. Our little one is so stubborn that he didn’t even help me gain 1 more centimeter. But considering all of the snow here (Anchorage is just 3 inches away from breaking our all time snow record), I don’t blame him for wanting to stay in where it’s nice and warm. And I’ll admit, I’m enjoying having the inner heater as well. But I’d much rather some cute little newborn snuggles.

The new plan is to see my doctor on Tuesday (if I’m still pregnant) and since I’ll be so close to 40 weeks, he’d like to break my water. I had been told from a doula friend that breaking your water is not a good idea. I’ll have to do some research but honestly… at this point, my hubs and I are both completely willing to have it done! He wants to finally hold our son and I’m just tired of walking like an OG… though I’m sure it’s hilarious to watch the way my achey hips make me strut to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Today was sort of my last day at work. I’m hoping that with the added relaxation I’ll be able to destress. And with destressing, maybe my body will start to get into labor-mode and we can get closer to introducing this little one to the world. Fingers are still crossed for St. Patrick’s Day, but it’s very comforting to know that within a week we’ll be up all night for a whole new list of reasons.


8 thoughts on “Well that’s just disappointing

  1. how frustrating! lol. I don’t have any advice for you, but I do have my experience. I was 18 when I was induced with my daughter. I had pre-eclampsia is she came at 38 weeks. I labored for ever and nothing would happen. Finally they decided to break my water and 20 minutes later out she was. With my son I was 23 and induced at 39 weeks exactly. My husband travels for business and my whole family was leaving the next day so it was imperative that the baby be born when someone would be around to care for me! They started the induction in the morning, and by early evening not a whole lot had happened. They decided again to break my water. 15 minutes later my son was out. I know that everyone is different, so don’t think that I’m comparing us two, but I just wanted to give you two positive instances where having the water broken didn’t end in disaster. I’m pregnant with my third currently and want to not be induced if possible, but I do now know that once my water breaks I better be at the hospital already because this baby will probably follow after it’s siblings. Good luck!


  2. kasibetty says:

    Hey sweet lady! I totally understand about the anxiety being stressful. It’s like, BAH come out already 🙂 I’m happy for you guys, being on the same page as your doctor is good and advice from doulas, midwives, nurses are super great. Doctors are paid to deliver, while nurses hold your hand and know how to treat you during labor. My best advice is no matter what happens, embrace them and don’t be afraid of anything… there is nothing they haven’t seen or experienced! You are safe 🙂 And go with your gut on what is right for you and the baby, it’s ok to put your foot down and demand explanations if you need em. You will do great! Childbirth is crazy, but just focus on meeting the little guy and know it’ll be worth it once it’s all over with… I feel ya! Power to the preggers! *fist pump*

    • I feel like I should print this out and take it to L&D with me! Tape it on the bed right next to my head so I can read it whenever I freak out. I definitely tend to stress over things that just don’t matter when I’m in the hands of professionals. Maybe I just need to watch less Grey’s Anatomy haha Thanks Kas for the encouragement ❤

  3. Jessica F. says:

    Very frustrating! Excuse me while I get my kitchen timer. I’ll put it up to your belly and make it *ding!* “Time to come out Killian, you’re done!!” 😀

  4. Leah says:

    Hey Lady!
    Brent was 3 days overdue. I credit my labor starting by a few things. 1. I took Evening Primrose Oil capsules for about a month prior (Start now if you haven’t been taking them). 2. Rest–I had a week off of work prior to his birth. 3. Some fun with the hubby the afternoon before I went into labor. Sending you lots of good thoughts & I can’t wait for a call!! LOVE YOU!!!

    • I’d never heard of those capsules, I’ll have to go find some! Been having some fun with Kel too and we’re hoping it’ll help out! (But hey, if not, it’s still fun haha) Love you too hun!

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