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17 days and counting

It’s so crazy how quickly the time has flown by. I think the worst part is that I’ve just gotten used to (and am really enjoying) having our little guy stretch and wiggle in my belly, just when he’s almost ready to be out on his own. Oh the woes of motherhood. I’m thinking it’ll be the same kind of heartache for me when it stops being cool to hug me in front of his friends. (Look, mom, it’s just not cool to be in your tummy anymore!)

On the other hand though, I am so ready to not have to waddle to the bathroom all night. Actually, I’ll be happy to not waddle anywhere! The pain in my pelvis is also an unwelcome symptom, as well as having to remove my rings because my fingers look more like sausages than appendages. I’m also sure that my husband is ready to not have such an emotional woman on his hands. So in those aspects, our son can come on out whenever he’d like. (But just to be clear young man, I would rather you come early than late.)

I at least feel like I have a good deal of things checked off of my To Do list. We have a majority of the baby things purchased: pump, car seat, stroller, diapers, and clothes (his sleeper might be an errand we send nana and grandpa on when I go into labor to help keep them from going stir-crazy in the hospital lobby). I’ve washed his clothes and organized them in a drawer. We’ve rearranged our room to fit a rocking chair by his sleeper. I even did my belly photo shoot! Luckily, my cousin Shawna could fit me in at her studio (Narrow Road Productions in Soldotna, Alaska) and we had a blast! Here is a sneak peak of the pictures we took out in the snow. When in Rome Alaska!


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