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This can’t be good…

I came to a rude awakening yesterday as I listened for the millionth time to my husband complaining that there is absolutely no food in the house… (see, there is, he just doesn’t know how to put a meal together. Sorry babe, but I just totally sold you out to the whole interwebs.) and as I sat in my chair trying to either force the energy to get up to cook something or to muster the energy to argue with him that there is plenty of food in the house it dawned on me:

We are going to starve to death once the baby is here!!!

The lack of energy he and I will both experience after the baby is born will be nothing in comparison to what we feel now. Currently we’re living in my parents’ house along with my sister and her 2-year old but out of 5 adults, my sister and I are really the only ones that regularly cook. (Sorry dad, but popping a DiGiorno into the oven does not count as cooking.Sheesh, I’m just selling out all of the guys in my family in this post…) Actually, it would be more accurate to say that only my sister cooks now since usually by the time I have everything laid out to chop and cook I’ve run out of steam and my sis just cooks it all. Thank God she’s in her second-trimester or our household might join the extinction list! Unfortunately for my husband and myself, everyone works full time. (Even my 2-year old neice. Her job is to make us all laugh and she is very good at her job.) How will we eat when my sister isn’t around??? Obviously, there is only one thing for us to do!

Start collecting take out menus. No, that’s not it…
Hire a personal chef. Probably not in our budget…
Prep freezer meals.

I’ve never done this before but I think it sounds easy enough. Meals I plan on prepping include soups (I’m a big soup person), marinara meatballs, lasagna, hamburgers, and whatever else I can come up with. I’d really love to avoid the extra work right now, I feel like I have a million and one things to do. But stocking the freezer with Hungry Man meals just doesn’t seem too great to me. Plus, Healthy Choice meals seem too low calorie for a breastfeeding mom. Looks like I’ll just have to trudge onward and fill our freezer with yummy future meals with detailed instructions for my husband taped to each container. I’ll be sure to update on the recipes and if they’re successful or total failures. Let’s just hope there are less of the latter or we may just put Pizza Hut on speed dial. (I’m kidding… who needs to put 337-2323 on speed dial??)


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