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Opinions… everyone has one

I find it interesting how everyone’s opinions come out in the open when you’re pregnant. It’s like the big belly is just a magnet for people to open their mouths before thinking. Granted, some do have more of a resistance to the magical powers of the belly and to those individuals, I say “thank you!” The one thing that cracks me up the most is criticism over our son’s name. Mostly because I’m sure of a few things: 1) it’s my husband’s and my choice (y/y) and 2) they certainly aren’t going to tell my son someday that they don’t like his name (but if you did we’d have to have a mommy throw down! Meet me by the swing set after recess.). I’ve gotten a full spectrum of reactions, from excitement to full-out disgust. And yes, I have even heard this phrase:

I would never name my kid that!

Since I only have 5 weeks to go before Kel & I officially write our son’s name on his birth certificate and since I’m losing energy, especially when it comes to social interactions, I’d like to just set the record straight on a few things.

1. We are not naming our son after a beer, believe it our not. 

... Like naming your child after booze.

I do have confidence that his future dorm room will be filled with Killian’s Irish Red from the floor to the ceiling. However, a pretty big reaction to our kid’s name is “Oh, just like Irish Red?” And since this is how a majority have heard of the name Killian, we simply agree. But no, our son will not be named after a beer, just like our next kids will not be named Bud, Miller, Sierra Nevada, or Pabst… though we will be smacking their cute little Heiny some day.

2. I do not plan on nicknaming him “Kill.”

But he probably will be a ladies man...

Though I’ll admit, I’m not naive enough to think that no one will every call him that or make fun of him at school. Kids are cruely creative; I got called a Nazi in grade school simply because half my bloodline comes from Germany. But if anything, my little prince charming will be nicknamed Z-Man (like his grandpa), probably Special K when he acts like a doofus, and other names that are TBD by his personality. Current nicknames include “cousin” whenever my niece rubs my belly and “Hey you get out of my ribs!”

3. It’s Killian, not Killigan

Even Gilligan is confused by this...

Oddly enough (though I’m sure you couldn’t tell just by looking at us) my husband and I are not even fans of Gilligan’s Island. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an episode and I highly doubt my hubs has either. Also, we’re not going to make up a name that sounds like “Kill Again.” Our kids are going to find enough reasons to hate us when they’re teenagers; we don’t really need to give them extra reasons like their names. (Though if Pilot Inspektor and Apple weren’t taken, they’d be at the top of our list… Okay, I lie. We’d much rather go with Blanket.)

We’re giving our kids strong Irish names. Why? Because we’ve fallen in love with their sounds and meanings. Our little Killian has already started to act like the meaning of his name: Bright-headed, bold warrior. Though I’d really appreciate it if he stopped trying to fight his way out of my uterus!


4 thoughts on “Opinions… everyone has one

  1. Well I don’t know about anyone else, but I really like that name. Don’t have any kids of my own yet, but I do know what you mean about the opinions everyone just has to express. My brother & sis-in-law are expecting their 4th child in Aug. and I think people are finally starting realized that they don’t really care if everyone likes the names they choose. 🙂

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