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Let’s play a game…

I’m almost 35 weeks and the latest and funnest part of this pregnancy is a game I call “Guess That Bump.” My son’s little tush is the easiest and on Valentine’s Day he “held” my hand. He had pushed his little fist against my stomach and held it there against my hand while I talked to him about how much I missed his daddy. (My husband was stuck in another town during V-Day due to snowfall. Isn’t living in Alaska awesome?) It was sort of a magical moment since that’s the closest I’ll actually be to holding his hand for 5 more weeks.

His little bumps are becoming much more prominent, especially since he’s running out of room in my belly and he’s starting to fatten up. He digs into my hip a lot more now with his hands and his butt really pushes into my rib cage. It sort of makes me lose my breath, which makes my husband massage my tummy and say “stop hurting your mom little man!” It’s painful but the moment is so adorable that I think it’s become one of my favorite pregnancy memories.

I’m ending this post with an updated belly pic. Even if I feel like a whale I still feel beautiful. And it’s odd, I realized last night that it wasn’t until I was pregnant that I actually felt like I progressed from a girl to a woman. Weird that it took me 27 years to get to that point.

34 weeks


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