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Pregnancy Must-Haves

I just found out that another girlfriend of mine is pregnant (yay!) and it’s inspired me to post my top preggo products. I’m sure these are a bit different for every girl but the last 34 weeks would have been so much more uncomfortable for me if I didn’t have these things.

3. Lotion

Lotion on its skin

It puts the lotion on its skin, or it gets stretch marks...

I was told by so many people that stretch marks during pregnancy are hereditary; that if your mother had them then they were inevitable. However, I have always been a bit rebelious towards the rules. It’s not that I didn’t want stretch marks that were basically a trophy of motherhood. I just didn’t want a belly that was riddled with them. Every single morning, even way before I was showing, I have lotioned my whole torso after my shower. I have absolutely no stretch marks. Not a one. Another plus, I was also rarely itchy .

2. Waterbottle

When I found out how much water I should drink throughout my pregnancy, I was completely gung ho about it. But after a while, water got soooooo boring. And then I forgot how much I was drinking. When we got back up to Alaska, I really realized that I wasn’t getting nearly enough water. But come Christmas, one of these Thermos In-Tak bottles was waiting in my stocking. And since I’m the kind of person that can’t help but eat or drink whatever is sitting in front of me, I just fill this puppy up and sit it in front of me at work. Plus, it has a cool little counter on the side so I know how many ounces I’m getting throughout the day. So other than dehydration, why should you feel motivated to drink as much water as possible? It drains water weight and can help prevent stretch marks.

1. Sleeper bras

It'll make you say "Ahhhhhhh"

This is honestly my preggo BFF. In fact, if I were a 14-year old girl with a Lisa Frank folder, I would so doodle our names together in a big heart. (But then again, if I were a 14-year old girl again, I wouldn’t be pregnant. What a paradox!) I didn’t really think I’d need these bras when I bought them. Face it, they just look like glorified sports bras. But trust me ladies, get one of these and wear it all night and even all day. You can thank me later.

There are so many other products that are great (maternity pillows, B Bands, etc) but I could survive without them. These are my top 3 for now. I’m off for my first third trimester pregnancy massage and who knows, maybe after that, this list might change.


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