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“How are you feeling?”

I’m realizing more and more that this is a pregnant woman’s equivalent to “How’s it going?” Oddly enough, it is the most annoying question I have been asked in the last 8 months and yet, it’s definitely the first thing that comes out of my mouth when inquiring about how another pregnant woman is doing. Maybe it’s our hormones, maybe it’s just that we don’t like being reminded that we feel as big as whale, feel sad that we haven’t seen our feet in what seems like forever, and feel tired from having to practically move our beds into the bathroom because that would just save us time from rolling our whale-selves out of bed.

After thinking about this a little more, I’m realizing that maybe saying “it is the most annoying question” is a bit dramatic. Especially since more accurately, the most annoying question I’ve been asked in the past 8 months was from our Maryland doctor. The one that went a little something like this: “You’re sure your last doctor only found one heartbeat?” Yea, that one definitely takes the cake.

BUT! Back to the point. I at least try to answer this question in a short quirky way: “Well I’m feeling pretty stretched and squished.” Which is completely true but that’s like saying the Grand Canyon is… well, “grand.” Or “canyony.” The reality of how I really, truly feel is this:

  • I get heartburn and reflux after eating or drinking anything. Literally anything (including water and milk).
  • My left hip goes numb if I sleep on that side for too long, and my right shoulder goes numb if I sleep on that side for too long. But luckily, my bladder never lets me sleep long enough to experience this sensation more than twice a night.
  • The inside of my left hip is incredibly sensitive from my son digging his foot in there. This also pushes his butt into my right ribcage which is also quite sore.
  • I’m anxious and nervous about delivery. I also just want him to be out in the world already so that I can hand him over to his daddy. It’s honestly a little hard to experience so much with the baby when Kellen only gets a limited amount.
  • I worry about driving/being driven since the last thing I want is to get into an accident and let’s face it, a lot of Alaskan drivers are just plain awful.
  • I miss being skinny and being able to sashay while I walk. Let’s face it, no one feels sexy while waddling.
  • My hips hurt so badly from walking, especially in the snow. But also, if I sit too long, my feet start to look and feel like sausages.
  • I feel weak and helpless when I need something on a high shelf or my neice asks me to pick her up.

And this is still just the short version. To sum it all up, it’s not easy to be me pregnant. At least in 7 weeks I’ll be able to come back to this blog to laugh at myself and how whiney I was at 33 weeks! And until then, I’ll continue to give my usual “squished and stretched” response anytime someone is concerned enough to know how I’m feeling 🙂


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