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32 week update

Technically, this is a “31 weeks 6 days” update, but that’s a mouthfull so I’m going to just round up to 32 weeks. Since my husband is working nights, he decided to skip this ultrasound and I took my mom instead. We were actually both on time (which is a major feat for her, sorry to sell you out mom, but you knoooooow it’s true!!) and we didn’t have to wait too long for the ultrasound tech to take us back. Since we had no insurance from 17-26 weeks, my doctor (yes, the one having shoulder surgery this week) ordered an ultrasound to fully check our little Killian for birth defects and the like. This was both comforting and discomforting at the same time. Comforting because she went the extra mile for us, discomforting because she was the only one that did and she might not be recovered by the time I go into labor!

But anywho, it’s safe to say that my son will be into yoga since once again he had his foot pulled up to his face. (That’s why the 4D image at the end of this post looks so odd, he was covering half of his face with his hand and foot.) We also got to see him breathing, that he has a healthy heart, no water on the brain, and a healthy spine. The tech then asked if we already knew the sex of our baby. I told him that we had found out at 16 weeks (which, granted, was a bit early) and a doctor at their office had just confirmed it with an ultrasound a couple of weeks ago. He still checked him out and at first I had thought that maybe the tech had just asked to make sure we weren’t waiting to find out and he didn’t want to accidentally reveal it on the monitor. But now… now I’m not so sure.

When we were leaving, the tech gave us a ton of pictures like usual. (Killian’s album is growing!) I oo’d and ah’d over them in the car but chuckled when I saw two of my son’s “parts” with arrows pointing at them with the words “it’s a boy!”

Wait wait, what do you mean we’re having a boy?? This whole time, I thought we were having a boy!

Those two pics are definitely wallet worthy… I mean, how many proud parents have you met don’t whip out ultrasound pictures that reveal the sex of their baby? I’m sure they’ll come in handy when I’m at Target and meet Miss Know-It-All who plans on fighting with me over the gender of my unborn child. “Oh? You think I’m having a girl? Well the joke is on you because I have proof!”

I later decided that these were for Daddy; they somehow make a proud Papa even prouder. It was actually fun showing them to my husband when he got the look of “that’s my boy!” across his face. I imagine it’s the same look he’ll have when Killian some day scores a date with the head cheerleader in high school. I’m sure high-5ing will ensue as well. I’ll just chalk it up to another guy thing and do you all a favor and not be that parent that posts them on Facebook. (Which is probably more a favor for my son in the future than anything else.) What I will do is post the cute little 4D picture of his squishy face and allow the ladies that are reading this to prepare for some serious cheek pinching come March. Because let’s face it, 1) only chicks are actually reading this blog and 2) how can you not want to pinch and/or nibble those cheeks!?!

Killian at 32 weeks

He'll either be a yogi or he'll enjoy smelling stinky things...


One thought on “32 week update

  1. kasibetty says:

    You say you won’t post a million pictures… that’s like those parents that say they won’t baby talk… it always finds a way, mwahaha! 🙂 Kidding! But I love this, its sweet and I love the updates!

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