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I cannot wait to be skinny again

There are so many reasons as to why I cannot wait to be skinny again. I actually sort of love being pregnant… It’s sort of nice to be dropped off at the door of where I’m going because no one wants me to slip in the icy parking lot. I also don’t have to pick anything heavy from off the ground or reach up high for things since my mom is worried I’ll fall off the step ladder. (She’s probably right though, I was a total clutz before I was all off-balance.) There are certainly perks to being pregnant… aside from being so close to your little one of course (insert image of typical girl staring dreamily off into the distance). But there are also perks to being skinny and here are the things that I cannot wait to get back to (aside from a number closer to 120 on the bathroom scale):

  • I can finally sleep on my back again. I get so tired of sleeping on my side. Why did God have to put my vena cava behind my uterus?
  • My meals will no longer have to compete with my uterus for space. Maybe if I was as tall as a supermodel I’d have more room to fit things. But at 5’4″ I really don’t have many choices. Thank goodness no one judges me for snacking (or at least they’re good enough to do it behind my back).
  • My belly button will no longer be half popped out, half in. I’d actually rather it make up its mind about being out.
  • I can wear my skinny wardrobe. I have some cute maternity clothes, thanks to everyone that has either loaned them to me or given me their bigger clothes that no longer fit them. But they’re so limited. I’m tired of wearing the same thing over and over, especially since there are so few that are nice enough for the office. I really miss my dresses… and my rib belts… and my heels… *le sigh*
  • I can get back to people surfing. I really thought that crowds would get out of my way when I was pregnant. But oddly enough I’ve found that people are still very unlikely to get out of my way. I don’t get it. Before I was pregnant, I always moved for those poor girls that were waddling around. Doesn’t anyone understand that it’s so much more difficult for us to move? Let me go ahead and answer that. No… no they do not. They always B-line straight for me which ends in an awkward sort of dance since it’s like the Immoveable Object meeting the Unstoppable Force.

OMGz did she just make a WoW reference?

Go ahead and pat yourself on the back if that’s the first thing you thought. If you thought about the irresistible force paradox then you still get nerd points… I guess. But back to the point. A skill I developed when living in downtown Seattle was something I called people surfing. It’s winding in and out of crowds with no difficulty when there are slow walking tourists, rude people on their cells, or looky-loos that stop in the middle of the sidewalk to just look around. But with my big belly I just can’t squeeze between people or even walk waddle fast enough to get around the slow pokes.

But it’s also a little scary to realize that I’ll be about 8lbs lighter in close to 68 days. Then, instead of missing being skinny, I’ll be missing being able to sleep. So I suppose for now, I’ll just treasure all of the kicks and rolls and pushes since the finish line ahead of me is certainly more important than my waistline… Right? Oh! And hey, at least I don’t have to change the kitty litter! (LOVE YOU KEL!)


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