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My son has already taught me so much

If anything, this pregnancy has taught me that I have to let go of control…

For example, I always considered myself to be fairly classy. I don’t fart or burp in public and I certainly don’t talk about bowel movements with people I hardly know. It wasn’t until I was pregnant that I couldn’t help these things anymore. I also yawn all day long, even when someone is talking to me and I hate looking like they’re boring me to death when really I just can’t breathe. Not to mention I can’t help peeing when I sneeze and leaking colostrom at night… (Thanks a lot son!) But that was fairly easy to accept, especially since I can’t help any bit of it. It’s the things that I thought I could control that are driving me crazy.

I had registered my husband and I for a tour on January 13th for the hospital I plan on delivering at but I didn’t hear anything back from the hospital. I figured they were busy but a few weeks later, I got an email from them saying their last tour in December was full but couples should register for their January 10th tour. (Side note: they only have 2 per month and their online schedule says January 13 and 31.) I wrote back asking them to set me straight, whether it was the 10th or 13th. I got a very apologetic email back explaining that the website was incorrect and that she would not only make sure we were registered for the tour on the 10th, but she would register us for any class we wanted. Crisis diverted? I think not.

We showed up on the 10th but 5 minutes late. Since I’d taken this tour with my sister when she was pregnant I know that they wait 5-10 minutes to make sure everyone is there. However, we could not find the tour. Anywhere. We even had a woman from Accounting page the tour but she couldn’t even find them. My guess is that they canceled the tour but didn’t tell anyone. I can only guess since no one will return my emails or phone calls. The thing is, in Alaska, we don’t have many options when it comes to L&D. I will definitely be delivering at this hospital, I’m just afraid I’ll be stuck filling out the registration while I’m in labor since the only woman I can get it from won’t return my calls.

The frosting on the cake, though, is this: the OB that I’ve been fighting to get an appointment with finally saw me today with some news. She’s having shoulder surgery and will possibly still be recovering when I go into labor.

Vader Noooooooooo


I had had a plan: to gracefully go through pregnancy and deliver at the hospital with no hiccups and with the doctor that I wanted. But I’m starting to realize that God definitely has a different plan for me. But who knows, maybe it’ll give us a really great story to tell our son some day.


One thought on “My son has already taught me so much

  1. …and the plot thickens… Doesn’t seem as though anything on this ride has been smooth. I’m kind of leaning towards the idea of the “stories” you’ll be telling Killian. I also have a feeling (& possibly a little hopefulness?) that he’s going to enter this world with a BANG. I think that would be the only way to arrive after such a crazy pregnancy! I can’t wait :)))

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