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The honeymoon is over!

Ever since I felt the energetic beginning of my second trimester, I’ve dubbed it the “honeymoon trimester.” It was such an awesome transition! I had energy, I wasn’t so easily nauseated, my nesting habits ended in some greats recipes being made, and my belly was changing (and it wasn’t just bloating any longer). Sadly, today is the last day of my honeymoon and I can already feel the homestretch trimester grabbing at me.

Creepy hands

"Come play with us!" At least that's how I imagine it...

Killian is head down now with his toes pulled to his cute little face. I guess all of that prenatal yoga has been wearing off on him. We have 12 more weeks to stretch and grow (or really grow and stretch), and all I want to do is live in a craft store so that I can sew stuffed animals and make decorations for his nursery. Not that we’ll actually have a nursery until we get a place of our own, but still I want to be that crafty mom and I want to do it now. Before I no longer have the energy.

Luckily we have so many events in the upcoming months that it should just help the time fly by! (At least, that’s what I’m hoping for.)
December 31 – New Years
January 10 – touring the hospital
January 30 – my birthday
January 31 – my dad’s birthday
February 11 – my niece’s birthday
February 13 – my aunt’s & cousin’s birthdays
February 14 – Valentine’s Day
March 11 – my cousins’ birthdays
March 23 – my uncle’s birthday & hopefully Killian’s as well
Plus a baby shower somewhere in there (date to be determined), birthing & breastfeeding classes, belly photos, and doctor appointments to keep me on my toes. So okay, creepy hands, drag me into the homestretch and let’s hurry up so I can be ever so closer to holding my baby boy.


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