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It is so ridiculous the hoops we have had to go through with doctors and insurance. But, to be fair, it probably wasn’t the best timing on our part when we got pregnant just a couple of months before my husband got out of the Army. Our first OBGYN appointment was on the base and honestly if we had been staying in the military, I would have loved to have kept my doctor. She was so attentive and patient, I would have loved to have had her in the delivery room. Unfortunately, we were about to start my husband’s terminal leave (which we spent with his family in Maryland) and our military OB told us that we didn’t have to see another doctor until our 16th week.

Having 5 weeks to switch our military care from coast to coast was actually almost not enough time. It’s so difficult to first, get ahold of the right person to talk to and then second, to talk to someone that has actually switched your coverage instead of just saying they have. On top of that, the military had to give us a primary doctor that had to then refer us to an OBGYN for our mid-pregnancy ultrasound. Luckily that doctor could squeeze us in, but unluckily they couldn’t see us until a few days before our insurance coverage was gone. Then we had to get them to rush their referral paperwork so that we could make an OB appointment the day before our coverage ended.

I really disliked our treatment at the OB in Cumberland, Maryland. (Except for the scheduling staff, they were the nicest ladies on this planet!) First, they had only set us up an appointment to file paperwork to become a patient. Once I explained to them that we were merely on vacation and that we would not be delivering with them (and tried my hardest to burst into tears but my hormones were surprisingly balanced that day) the woman found a doctor to see us that day. (Oh, and this is after she gave us a guilt trip of not seeing a doctor from our 11th week to our 16th week, no matter how many times I told her we were just following our doctor’s orders.) Second, the OB we saw really didn’t care to give us the time of day. (So we’re judged for not getting care and yet their doctor doesn’t care to give us proper care.) He measured my uterus, listened to the heartbeat and then was ready to send us away. But I wanted to see my baby! And we wanted to know the sex! So I spoke up and got him to order an ultrasound which we were so lucky to schedule for the next day.

As soon as we were back in Alaska, I applied for Denali Kid Care. The application process was so fast (with only minor hiccups with the VA) and I set up my OB appointment. Unfortunately, the doctor I really wanted was on vacation so I just let them schedule me in as quickly as possible. I actually ended up with the doctor that delivered my niece (who I already knew I did not want delivering my baby) but it was so nice to actually be treated and cared for! They’ve been trying to get my ultrasound records from (guess who??) Maryland and not only did they get me up to speed today with my glucose test, they let us see the baby again. You know, just for kicks. (Pun completely intended since Killian apparently does not like being poked or pushed by anyone but me.) I’ll be seeing them again on the 13th, and every other week until my last month. It’s just ahhhhh so nice to finally be in good hands and reminded by medical staff that having my son is just around the corner đŸ™‚


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