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Baby names & belly pics slideshow

About a week before our wedding, my husband and I sat on the couch and talked about what we would name our kids some day. We snuggled around my iPhone and went through for a good while until we realized that we both liked Irish names. (Which is fitting since my husband actually is Irish.) We wrote down our favorites but sadly our #1 boys name was also my friend’s son’s name. I sort of stressed about this one for a while; my husband and I loved the name so much and it matched perfectly with my husband’s middle name, but I knew some people were pretty touchy about sharing their kid’s name. I eventually emailed my friend to ask for her blessing on the naming situation. Why did I ever stress over the name? My friend was actually excited for our sons to share the same name. Our families have both loved it and we use it every day to refer to our little man. And whenever he decides to make his debut into this world, he will officially be named:

Killian (bright-headed) David (beloved)

Here’s a slideshow of all of my belly pics so far. For some reason, I didn’t smile much in the beginning. I think I just felt silly taking pictures of myself but I felt even sillier asking my husband to take them. My goodness I’m ridiculous haha (Look at how skinny I used to be!!)

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