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Baby update: 22 weeks

Oh my goodness, it’s sort of ridiculous that I haven’t posted in such a long time! But I’m back! And any time I can use a computer I’ll be sure to post. Here is an update for as good as I can remember:

  • We did end up hearing the heartbeat at 7 weeks. Our little bean wasn’t flopping around but that actually made it easier to hear the little heart flutters.
  • Since my husband had just gotten out of the Army, we decided to go to Maryland for 3 months to visit his family. Let me tell you, if you can avoid jet lag in your first trimester, do it! It is awful! I really did sleep all day to the point that my mother-in-law thought that I had an iron deficiency.
  • As soon as I hit the second trimester I felt fantastic! I’ve no longer felt queezy or tired and I’ve been enjoying every minute of it before the third trimester hits.
  • At 16 weeks, we found a doctor out here to see (which was not easy with our military insurance). We had to ask him for an ultrasound since, at that point, we really wanted to know the sex of our baby. (Have I accidentally slipped up and said it here yet??) We had to wait another day for the ultrasound (boo) and I had to come in with a full bladder (also boo). This silly idea must have come from a man! I would love to know how they expect you to have a full bladder while something else is taking up space and wiggling inside you. Luckily, my bladder actually ended up being bigger than my uterus, so the tech let me empty it completely before moving on with our ultrasound.
  • We did want to know the sex of our baby but the little rascal had their ankles crossed most of the time. At least, until the last minute where we were able to find out we’re having a boy!

That’s really all of the updates I have so far.


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