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First hospital trip

My husband and I decided that we should just walk into the women’s clinic this morning and I’m so glad we did. We’re finally a step in the right direction! Even if that direction is running every which way to do what felt like a million tests.

We got to the women’s clinic around 8. After filling out a form, we were sent to the lab for a pregnancy test. “Are you pretty confident it’s positive?” they asked us. And we just nodded back vigorously and were pointed towards the bathroom so I could fill my cup. Since we had to wait 30 minutes for the results, we went to get my military ID so I could get onto base without my husband. I called the lab during our hour long wait and surprise! We’re having a baby haha

Two more cups of pee, 8 vials of blood and 3 hours later I was finally done with all of the paperwork and screening. We have an appointment on the 11th which will be our last chance while we’re in Alaska. Kind of scary that we have to find health care and a doc in less than a month. But ya know what, it’s exciting too. No matter where we go or what we do, we’ll have a beautiful and healthy baby that’s going to be loved more than anything 🙂


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