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Second test

After I took my husband and his friends to the bars last night (being the DD is actually more fun I think!), we were all so lazy today. It was nice though, especially since we have 3 couches so we had plenty of room to spread out. Eventually, though, my mother’s voice started to nag at me. “Did you take a second test to be sure?” I had been under the impression that there was no such thing as a false positive, only a false negative. But the doubt started to creep in and around 5, I finally got up from my couch to go buy more tests.

I find buying condoms and pregnancy tests to be nerve wracking. I constantly send off “don’t judge me!” vibes and I play with my wedding ring. It’s funny though, I’m worried about what strangers think. Hmm. Insecurities are so silly.

And wouldn’t you know it, a group of giggling girls were standing directly in front of the condoms, which just so happened to be above the pregnancy tests. They probably all share my insecurities but went out in a group to mask it. I use a wedding ring, they use moral support. It was difficult to maneuver through them and since they were so busy sending me “don’t you judge us!” vibes, they kept clumsily bumping into me and stepping on me. One girl even dropped her iPhone and cracked the screen. Like I said, insecurities are so silly.

I made it home finally (after picking a test that didn’t have the plus sign, it’s too hard to read some times) and I took the second test. Another positive! So now we’re trying to figure out appointments. My husband is so amazing though. I don’t even have to ask him to go with me, he’s actually taking the lead on this. I love that man so much and this kid is going to be so loved in so many ways 🙂


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