Harry Potter, Pregnancy, pregnancy, pregnancy test

3 month anniversary surprise

This month, I told myself I wasn’t going to concentrate so hard on us TTC. All it really did was stress me out so that I was late. This time around I was planning on only taking a test if I was a week late.

I’d been cramping anyhow. But tonight, the boys wanted to go out to karaoke and to drink. Since I’m a day late, I really wanted to just be sure first. I took my last test and a faint + showed up. I don’t think my hands have ever shook so hard! Since the boys were all predrinking, I asked my hubs to come into the bathroom to see it. Oh. Man. I cried and he picked me up and hugged me so hard. I love that man so much! I called my mom before we told anyone else. She suggested taking another just to be sure, but said congrats. We told our roommate and friend right after I got off the phone. My husband actually gave them the “pee-stick”. At least that’s what it was for them haha oh boys. We’ll take another test in a few days just to be sure and go see a doctor too. But the pregnancy jokes have already begun. I trip getting off the couch and I hear “careful, don’t hurt the baby!” Or I move across the room and I hear “MILF coming through!” “No man, she’s not a mom yet it’s PILF.” They’ve got jokes, these guys 🙂

Now those energy drinks to stay awake for the Harry Potter midnight showing a few days ago seem like they were a bad idea. Hmm, I’ll just have to tell my kid that some day when they’re being way too hyper. “Shouldn’t have had that Rockstar…”


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